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I woke up in the middle of the night to the worst pain I've ever experienced.


I got up from the bed and felt a wetness between my legs.

I let out a small whine and made my way to my suitcase, still feeling the sharp pain of in my dying uterus.

I dropped to my knees in front of my suitcase and opened it up, not caring if I woke Jack up or not.

I heard Jack start to stir awake in the bed, behind me and he sat up.

"Babe, what are you looking for?" He asked in a raspy voice but I ignored him, desperate to find my ibuprofen using my phone's flashlight.

He got up from the bed and turned on the light for the room. I was already in tears from frustration and the fact that I'm bleeding out of my vagina and I feel like it's being ripped apart from my insides.

"Baby, what's wrong?" He asked while kneeling down next to me and rubbing my back

"I have really bad cramps and I can't find my medicine and it hurts so bad." I whined

"Ok, what kind of medicine was it? Tylenol, Advil.." He said while helping me search


"Ok, are you sure you brought it?" He asked

"I think so."

"Have you checked the small pockets?" He asked


"You may have not brought it.." He suggested and I let out a groan

"I don't even have pads or tampons or anything, what the fuck." At this point I wasn't even sad anymore. Just... Annoyed and crying.

"It's ok, I'll just run down to the store down the block real quick and get you some pads, tampons, medicine and whatever else you need."

"But it's late."

"It's open twenty-four hours." He said while getting up and slipping on his shoes

"You don't have to, I'm fi–"

"It's ok, I promise. I'll be right back." He said before grabbing his wallet.


I woke up to my phone buzzing next to me. It was an unknown New York number.

"Hello?" My voice was raspy as I answered the phone.

"Hi, this is the Baptist Hospital of Manhattan, is this Gabrielle Wright?"

"Uh, yeah.."

"You were the emergency number for a patient we have here; Jack Gilinsky. Is there any way you could come down here to visit him? He's been anxious to see that you're ok ever since he got here."

"Yeah, of corse. I'll be there as soon as possible." I said while getting out of the bed.

I hung up the phone and put on a pair of sweatpants, a shirt that was laying on the chair, some Uggs, and my coat then left as fast as I could.

I jogged down the street to the Subway and waited for the train there, hoping that Jack was ok.

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