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I was leaning against the metal railing of the balcony, looking out at the city lights. It's been almost a day that Jack and I have been in a relationship and it's just been really chill all day. This is honestly all that I want. He doesn't care about my current situation, he just wants to be there for me. He doesn't want sex, he doesn't want money, he just wants to be with me. He's not possessive and he's really open-minded and just... Chill.

"You ready to go?" I heard Jack ask from behind me.

"Yeah, where are we going again?" I asked

"Just to hang out with some old friends."

"Your friends or mine?" I laughed

"Both, I think."

"They came to Chicago?" I asked

"Yeah, you seemed kinda sad so I asked if they'd come down with us for a few days."

"What did I do to deserve you all?" I said with a big smile.

He opened the door and held it for me, letting me go first "Ladies first." He said then closed it behind him

"What a gentleman."


We arrived at another hotel building with a Dave & Busters built into it

"You wanna eat first or go to the arcade?" He wrapped his arm around my shoulder

"I could eat." I shrugged.

We both walked into the restaurant and I spotted our friends. Jack Johnson, Andrea, Lia, Rupp, Nate, Sammy and a few other people I couldn't recognize were all sitting at the table

"Jack, you're way too much." I smiled up at him.

"I just wanna make you happy." He kissed the top of my head." This is what I've been missing all along.

We walked over to the table with our friends and were greeted with smiles and hugs and "hi's"

"Hey guys, how's your trip been so far?" I looked over to see a guy with brown hair and a Justin Bieber haircut sitting next to Sammy. I couldn't recognize him

"It's been great." I said while sitting down next to Jack.

"Who's that?" I asked Jack while motioning towards the unfamiliar guy

"Taylor Caniff." He looked up from his phone

"Taylor?" I muttered to myself, trying to remember a Taylor

"Did he go to school with us?" I asked

"Yeah, I think he came with Rupp." I still don't remember him but I just went with it and said forget it.


I was playing one of the coin machines while Jack was in the bathroom when I felt someone come up next to me.

I looked back to see Sammy watching me play "Oh, hey, Sam." I slightly laughed

"Hey, mind if I watch?" He sat down on the stool next to me

"Be my guest."

After a few seconds, he cleared his throat and insisted that he help me out.

"Aim for the biggest pile of coins." He reached over and moved the place where you insert the coins so it was aimed at the big pile. He took one from my hand and put it in, causing it to shoot out and knock them down."

"Wow, thanks," I laughed "I honestly would have never figured that out."


We were all outside of the Dave & Busters building and were saying our goodbyes and stuff.

"Yo, can I get a hug before we leave?" I looked up and saw Sammy with a big smile on his face

"Sure" I smiled back, but was gently pulled back by my wrist, into someone's chest

"Nah, that's ok, bye Sam." I looked up and Jack with a playful grin on his face

"Alright, G. Chill, it's just a friendly hug." Sammy put his hands up in defense

"Yeah, but knowing you, you got a little too friendly." He wrapped his hands around my waist.

Sammy waved "bye" to us and walked away, chuckling to himself and I looked back up at Jack "What was that about? Are you jealous?" I teased him

"Nah, I just don't fuck with hugs."

"Not even 'friendly' ones?"

"Especially not friendly ones," he chuckled "HES just fucking with me cause he knows we finally got together."

"Finally?" I asked.

"Nothing." He shook his head as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"Anyways, It's cute when you're jealous." I said.

"Well, I must be cute 24/7 cause I'm not jealous."

"Smooth." I chuckled.

Hayes' POV

You can't try to claim what's already mine.


Shitty but goals

I'm back :)

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