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I woke up the next morning with Hayes and I's conversation still stuck in my head.

The fact that he thinks I'm supposed to put up with everything he does no matter what because "I love him" is ridiculous. He hasn't changed a bit.

I heard a knock at my front door, startling me a bit.

I looked at my alarm clock and saw that it was 11:27 AM. I didn't invite anyone over so it was odd that someone would be here.

I got up and walked to the front door, trying to straighten myself up as best as I could.

I opened the door and saw a tall, familiar guy standing in front of me.

"Um.. Goodmorning?" I said, but it came out as more of a question than anything else.

"Hi, my name is Cameron, you might remember me from downtown when I bumped into you." He scratched the back of his neck, and the memory of some guy bumping into me and shattering his phone came back.

"Oh yeah.. You," I hesitantly nodded my head "How'd you get my address?" I asked, feeling a little uncomfortable.

"That's kind of why I came here."


"No, I mean, I'm a friend of Hayes'"

"Oh.." I was still really confused and he let out a sigh as I could tell he was about to give me an explanation.

"Okay, so Hayes told me that you and him broke up, right?" He started "then he said he was watching you to make sure that you're ok, but he got caught by you, so he had to stop. So, he called me up and asked me to do it for him, and I agreed because I owed him back. It really didn't seem right and I didn't agree with it at all, so after like the second day I talked to him and he told me he'd stop trying to win you back or whatever the motive was, and would let you be happy with that other guy you were with. So he said I could stop and I just decided that I'd tell you all of this since the guilt really got to me and you guys are broken up and don't talk and stuff. I especially deleted the pictures of you with that guy since he told me to send him pictures." He explained and I could tell he knew I was overwhelmed.

"Sorry about all of this by the way. I didn't really enjoy wasting my time like this for him." He added. 

"Thank you so much for telling me all of this. I had a feeling he was following me." I admitted.

"Ok, well, I'm glad I got to finally tell you. I'll see you around I guess." I could tell he was still ashamed.

"Okay, bye." I closed the door after he walked off.

I locked my front door and leaned my back against it, letting out a sigh. That was all very, very unsettling.

I decided to call Hayes about this since I'm supposed to call anyways.

I walked back to my bedroom and grabbed my phone to call him.

"Hey, babe." He picked up on the first ring.

"Hey, Hayes. So, tell me why your friend just came over here, telling me you were really stalking me?"

"Fuck," He mumbled "Well, um, I–" "Come on, Hayes. There's not even an excuse to stalk me, and much less to get your friend on it too. I even asked you about it and you lied."

"If you'd let me explain–"

"There is no explanation. I know I've said this so many times, but I'm done. We're done." I cut him off.

"Wai–" I hung up the phone on him before he could say another word and not even ten seconds later I got a text.

I'm coming over there right now.- Hayes

I didn't feel like seeing him, obviously, so I decided to go over to Mackenzie's house to avoid him.


I was sitting in Mackenzie's living room on the couch right next to her.

We were watching the movie Mulan because that's what she was watching when I got here. She's a real sucker for Disney movies.

The doorbell rang so she let out a groan and  got up to go get it.

"Gabby, your boyfriend is here!" I heard Mackenzie yell from the front door.

"What?" I was caught off guard with what she had just said.

"Ouch! Hayes, what the fuck?"

I heard Hayes' footsteps nearing the living room, so I stood up, trying to prepare myself for whatever it is I'm about to go through.

Hayes walked into the doorway and stopped when he saw me.

"I knew I'd find you here." He had a slight smirk on his face.

"Yeah, what do you want?" I tried to make myself taller as he walked towards me.

"Gabby, you know I just want you." My skin crawled as he wrapped his hands around my waist.

"I broke up with you! We're done!" I tried pushing myself away from him just for my wrists to be grabbed with a tight grip.

"Let me go!" I screamed.

"No. Not until you understand that you're mine and mine only. I've already lost you once and I'm not losing you again."

"Hayes, let go! You're hurting me" I yelled while trying to pry his hands off of my wrists.

"Hayes, the police will be over here soon if you don't leave now." We both looked up and saw Mackenzie holding her phone up, showing 911 on the phone.

"This isn't fucking over." He said to me before letting me go and leaving.

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