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Hey, guys. I just wanted to leave a little note because some certain comments kind of bothered me. I'm not mad or anything, and I don't mean to call people out, I just really needed to say this.

In chapter three maybe when Gabby was drugged by Hayes then taken advantage of like that was still rape. He drugged her without those intentions at first, but in the end, that's what he did. Even when she was drunk, she was a little unsure about it. Plus, she told him that she's not ready when she wasn't under the influence of alcohol. It does not matter if he thought they'd be together forever since they'd already been together for so long. Non-consensual sex is rape. It goes both ways. If it were a man who got drugged, it'd be rape, if it were a woman that got drugged, it'd be rape.

I don't believe that someone's virginity defies their worth, but if they want to keep it for a long time that should be respected.

Some people in the comments call Gabby stubborn and say that she's overreacting, but if someone makes you uncomfortable I think you should have the right to tell them that you don't want to be near them or anything. Plus, she mentioned how it wasn't just the fact that he raped her, it was cause he was possessive, rude to people, kind of emotionally abusive (guilt tricked her into doing certain things)

And everyone was upset that she was still a virgin after six years of being with him. Some people don't like sex or like to save themselves. If you wanna do that, do it. Respect that. If you don't, it's your body, do whatever the hell you want. She's like 21 or 22 and half of y'all acted like she was obligated to give it up for him.

That's kind of all I have to say, but the next update will be soon. I know I left y'all on a little bit of a cliffhanger lol

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