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Hayes' POV

I think I've had one of the worst days of my life.

The woman that I love that doesn't love me back is dating another guy that I hate.

I turned on the TV and sat down on the couch with a Bud Light in my hand.

College basketball came on the TV and I put my feet up on the coffee table.

The kiss Cam came on and out of no where I saw Gabby and Jack, causing me to choke on my drink

He put his arm around her and kissed her cheek. They both seemed so happy.

It switched to another couple and I was left there still kind of in shock.

I felt a tear slip down my cheek and my vision get blurry.

I fucked up so bad, and lost her forever.

I'm not even mad, I'm just upset.

She means everything to me, but to her I'm just some old memories.

A new guy that will never love her as much as I do won her heart and attention.

Everything that I've worked for is gone.

I don't care how much she hates me, I'll always love her ten times more.



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