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Jack's POV

I contemplated on whether I should call the police or not and report what happened but Hayes could easily use the fact that I broke into his house and beat his ass against me so Johnson and I agreed that it wasn't the best idea.

I walked upstairs to grab a sweatshirt or something so I could go out to the grocery store real quick and pick up some things.

I grabbed my black adidas hoodie and a small Laffy Taffy wrapper fell out.

It read "If you're reading this, Hayes took me." With her signature right by it. It was a sloppy signature for her, but I could make out the cursive letters.

My heart dropped and I couldnt believe what I was reading.

That's why the house was so messy, she must have been fighting to get away from him.

It brought tears to my eyes to even think about her struggle and to know that I found something that leads me to her.


I pulled up to the police station and was anxious to get inside

I got out of the car with the candy wrapper still in my bawled up fist.

As soon as I entered the building, I saw an officer behind a glass window, filling out some type of paperwork. I walked up to the window with confidence and hope that I'd find her.

"Hello, officer, my name is Jack Gilinsky and I'd like to report a missing person"

Ugh it's been sooo long since I've updated but I plan on updating more

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