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Jack and I have been driving down a long, dark, dirt road for the past 20 minutes with no sign of any people.

"Jack, what are we gonna do?" I asked.

"I... I'm not sure." He moved his arm from the arm rest and put his hand on my thigh.

"We need to call the police, Jack." I laid back in my seat.

"Baby, we don't have any way to contact them. Plus, right now it just looks like we went in his house, beat him up, and took his car."

"Not if we go to the police or something first and tell them."

"Gabby, this whole time, no one has believed either of us for whatever reason." I stayed silent.

"But they still have the police reports. I want to report this anyways."

"There was a note left on my front door that was supposedly written by you that stated that you needed to get away from electronics and the world for a bit, so you went on a camping trip. That's what people think happened."

"I don't fucking go camping." I scowled.

"The LAPD doesn't know that." He chuckled.

I sighed and laid my head back as we just drove through the winding road.

"How far can a road even go?" I asked, annoyed.

"Relax. We made it. Either way, we're out of that house and away from him."

"I know, but I just want to go back home."

"I know." He sighed while rubbing my thigh.

A few minutes later, we came upon a small town and parked in front of a diner with a gas station by it, and Jack parked in the parking lot.

"Jack, we have no money." I said "They have a phone in there.. and they can tell us where we are. Are you staying in here or going in with me?" He asked.

Mind the fact that I still had no pants on.

I looked at him and sighed and he looked down at my legs, noticing that I still had no pants on

"Oh... Right." He said in an awkward tone. "I will be right back. Just... stay here." He said while getting out of the car.

"Ok, be careful." I called out before he shut the door and jogged inside.

I couldn't help but be cautious of my surroundings.

I shrunk in my seat, hoping I wouldn't get any attention.

After a few minutes, the driver's door suddenly opened, causing me to jump.

"Babe, relax. It's just me." Jack climbed back into the car and shut the door.

"We're in Inyo, California." I let out a sigh in exasperation because at this point, everything was frustrating me.

"But," he looked over to me "I did call the police while I was in there, and they're sending a car down here to assess the situation, and so we can show them where we were."

He took my hand into his and rested back in his seat.

"And when they get everything figured out, we can get you some pants." He slightly chuckled.

"Jack, what if they still don't believe us." I played with his fingers.

"I mean.. I was just being dramatic. They will. We can show them where he held me, you can confirm the note I brought up earlier, you coul—"

"Jack, you found that note?" I cut him off.

"Yeah, it was in my jacket pocket. I went to the police with it, and they couldn't prove you wrote it so they didn't take it as evidence or any cause for concern." He explained

"You.. were looking for me?" I asked

"Gabby, of course," he laid his head back on the head rest and looked over at me "I left New York not too long after you because Johnson said you wrote some note about camping and that didn't even sound right. I knew he had something to do with it so I turned what I had into the police, and they told me to stop harassing Hayes." It was silent for a moment after he said that

"Jack?" I asked.


"Did you ever... Hook up with anyone else?" I hesitated.

"While you were gone?" He asked.


"No, why?"

I stayed silent for a second

"Jack, you don't have to lie to me, I just want to hear the truth from you." I tried my best to hold back tears. 

"Gabby, what are you talking about? I would never cheat on you." He sat up.

"Hayes showed me pictures of you and some girl at a party."

"Ohh," something in his brain clicked "the girl at the party. Johnson wanted to get me out of the house because I was so depressed over not being able to figure out what happened with you or where you went, so he took me to some kickback. There was some girl that was just really touchy and wouldn't stop trying after I told her I wasn't interested and that I was already taken. I was drunk, but I did stop her. I don't remember much, but I did tell her that you'd beat her ass." He chuckled at that last part.

I still couldn't bring myself to laugh, and Jack soon noticed.

"Gabby, I put it on everything that I would not cheat on you.. ever. Hayes would never have taken those pictures with good intent anyways. Plus, if someone else had my attention, why would I risk my own personal safety to get back together with you."

I looked at him and met his gaze, then exhaled.

"I wasn't just talking while I was talking to you from behind that basement door... I love you so much and I want to marry you one day. That may be too fast forward for right now, but I genuinely mean that. I enjoy everything about you and our relationship." His eyes went from my eyes to my lips.

"I love you too, Jack." I leaned in to kiss him.

He passionately kissed me back, and it once again felt so euphoric.

Our kiss was interrupted by faint police sirens, and that's when we knew we were so close to going back home.


I've always thought about it, but this quarantine has really driven me to write a part two of this book. I don't really mind if people read it or not, but I've had some really good ideas on how to continue the story from here for a while. I just need to keep my mind busy during the quarantine. I'll notify y'all when it's posted but don't feel inclined to read it.

Also, I've found a love for writing, but I've grown out of the fan fiction writing if that makes sense. I find Jack Gilinsky soooo attractive, but at this point, I kind of just see them as characters in a plot I really want to express. Idk if that makes sense but

Anyways, thank you so much for reading this book. It's truly been a long, fun journey and I enjoy reading the comments, seeing the votes, and interacting with people. Thank you so much for making this such a fun experience❤️

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