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Hayes' POV

I think it's just time for me to give up.

I'm getting literally nowhere with this.

I'm just wasting time and making her hate me even more than she already does.

She didn't even say I love you back, she just waved.

I've always thought that "if you really love someone, set them free, but if they come back it was meant to be," shit was just something someone made up because they were tired of getting bothered by certain people, but maybe they were right.

She looks much happier without me.

She's with Jack now, I guess.

She moved on and forgot about me that fast.

I was sitting at a table outside of Starbucks with my sunglasses and a Vineyard Vines hat on, trying to hide my red, puffy eyes and identity.

Gabby and Jack were both at a small restaurant across the street from Starbucks, having lunch, just talking and enjoying each other's company.

I wasn't even following them. I didn't want to see either of them because I knew I'd cry, and right now it's taking me everything to hold those tears back.

I decided to just leave. It wasn't giving me any emotional or mental help, just getting me more depressed.


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