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I woke up with a cold numbness in my arms and a heavy pain in my legs.

I opened my eyes to see that I was in a cold, concrete basement.

I was hanging so my arms were in restrains above my head and my feet were about a foot off of the ground.

Small pieces of the night before started coming back to mind and I realized that I was somewhere where Hayes is holding me, and it doesn't look like his basement.

I started to fidget around, only making the chains start to rattle and my arms hurt more than they already did.

I heard footsteps above of me, causing my heart rate to speed up. They were fast and heavy like he was rushing.

I heard the basement door open and saw light pour into the room. He came down the stairs and once he reached the bottom, I could see that he was in only grey sweatpants.

He turned to me and once we made eye contact, he gave me a smirk.

"Fuck," I exhaled "Hayes, please stop. Please let me go." He said nothing as he continued to walk towards me "what do you want? I can give you what you want, just please let me go." I begged him.

"Gabby, you know that all I could ever want in this world is you."

"But-but If you love something, let it go, right? You're supposed to let it go, please let me go." I felt myself begin to get anxious as his expression went from content to stern.

"I love you... I really.. Really love you, Gabby," he walked up so he was centimeters away from me "But I'm going to have to kill you." He picked me up by the back of my thighs so my legs were around his torso.

I felt a tight feeling in my chest as I exhaled and chills ran up my spine from his touch. Tears started to pour from my eyes as panic started to set in.

"No, no, no, no, no we can work this out," I said as tears fell from my eyes. I tried to control the shakiness of my voice "I won't tell anybody... I promise. You can just let me go and take me home and you can stay with me. We can live together and be together and I promise we can put all of this behind us and—"

"Shh, Shh," He shushed me as I rambled on

"I can't trust you enough to let you go," he smirked "But," he paused "If you just stay here with me, where they can never find you, I guess I can keep you alive. You just have to cooperate and listen to me." He suggested

"I-I can do that." I quickly nodded my head.

"And you have to do whatever I tell you, without hesitation."

"O..ok." You could ironically hear the hesitation in my voice.

"Good, it'll make things a lot easier for you and me," he had a content look on his face "But before I let you down," He looked from my eyes to my lips and back to my eyes "Give me a kiss." A small smirk grew on his lips.

I leaned down and pecked his lips for a quick second, regretting the fact that I had just begged him for my life because in return I get this.

"That's it?" He joked as he rubbed my thighs.

"Hayes, im a little tired, can I just go to sleep?" I asked as he continued to leave kisses down my neck and collarbone.

"But you just woke up." He reminded me as his hand slipped into my panties, and Gid fingers brushed against my entrance and clit.

He made such intense eye contact with me as he slipped a finger into my entrance.

I sharply inhaled as he continued going. His finger slowly went all the way in. When he pulled it out, he added another one before slowly sliding them in.

I let out a small moan as he curved his fingers upward.

"Hayes." I groaned.

"Ok, ok. Fine." He said while pulling his hand out of my panties and started to undo my restraints.


You ever go to get your ends trimmed and they say they're gonna cut off like an inch then end up cutting off like three??? Cause that happened to me wtf. It was down to the bottom of my bra bruh😩😩🙄 Now it's to like my armpits

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