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Jack Johnson's POV

I looked at the time and it was 11:43. I decided it would be a good idea to not be lazy and just get up.

I'd been thinking about going up to New York to go see Gilinsky while he's in the hospital and to just stay there for a while.

I decided to call Gabby to ask her if she wants to go, too.

I called a few times and she didn't answer so I decided to go ahead over and call her.

I called once and she didn't answer her phone so I called a couple more times then left a message.


I had just gotten done packing for New York and wanted to call Gabby one more time to see if she wanted to go. She still didn't pick up so I called again and she still didn't pick the phone up.

I decided to drive over to Jack's house where she's staying and ask her in person.

When I arrived and walked up to the front door, I saw a note hanging up on the door. I took it down and took a closer look at it.

It said "Hey, I've decided to kind of take a break for awhile and just get away. I'm going to a lodge up in Maine. It should be fun, it was recommended to me by a friend. The terrible part is that there's no wifi or anything so I'm just leaving my phone here. By the time you get it, I'll probably already be gone. Tell Jack I said love him and love you, too. Thank you!!- Gabby"

I let out a sigh and stuck the sticky note back on the door. She could have at least called or texted either one of us before leaving.

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