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I was on my way to Mackenzie's house from Jack's.

I parked in front of her house, got out of my car, and walked up to her front door.

I hesitated before knocking on the front door because I'm having second thoughts about this.

I waited a minute and knocked again, looking in the windows on each side of the door.

"Mackenzie." I called while knocking on the door.

I let out a sigh and grabbed my keys from my jacket pocket. I searched for her house key for a few seconds until I finally found it.

I unlocked the door and slowly opened it "Mackenzie?" I called out "Mackenzie, not to sound like a certain someone, but I know you're here," I walked up the stairs.

"I know you're probably still mad at me, and I'm sorry. There's just been a lot going on, and I really just needed someone who would listen." I peeked in her room, and she wasn't there.

I noticed that her bathroom door was closed and the light was on, so I went over to it.

"Mackenzie?" I asked while knocking "Mackenzie, can I please come in or talk to you from behind the door or something?" I begged. I waited a few seconds for a reply, but there wasn't one.

"Ok, I'm coming in." I said as I hesitantly opened the door "Hey, I'm so sor–" I was cut off by the terrifying and disturbing sight of Mackenzie buttass naked with her whole body underwater.

I was petrified. I stared at my best friend's corps in disbelief "M-Mackenzie?" I almost whispered with a tear falling down my cheek. She didn't answer, but continued to float in the still water.

I hesitantly walked over to the tub with her body and stood over her. I slowly kneeled down over the side of the tub, took her wrist into my hand, and felt for a pulse. Nothing.

I felt her neck, which felt kind of clammy, and there was still nothing there either. She's gone. My best friend is really gone.

I broke down and cried on the floor, still in disbelief of what's happening.

I didn't know what to do, so I picked up my phone and called Jack. While it was ringing, I was biting my nails because of how nervous I was.

"Hello?" Jack answered, still with a raspy, morning voice

"Jack, you need to get over here right now." I said into the phone

"What happened?" He yawned

"Mackenzie drowned or something." My voice was shaky

"Wait, what?"

"She's not breathing, and she's under the water in the bathtub, just please come over here, I don't know what to do." I cried

"Ok, I'll be over there as soon as possible. Call 911 in the mean time, ok?"

"Ok." I sniffled

"Alright, I'll see you in a sec." he said.

"K, bye." I said before hanging up.

I called 911, and explained what happened to the person on the phone. She said that they'll be over soon.

I hung up the phone and sat on the bathroom floor, looking down at my shaking hands.

I heard the front door open and heavy footsteps walk up the stairs "Gabby? Where are you?" I heard Jack call

"In here." I said softly.

He walked into the bathroom and came up behind me "Hey, you doing ok?" He sat down next to me. I shrugged my shoulders and wiped my eyes.

He let out a sigh "What do you think happened?"

"I... I don't know." I shrugged

He looked over the side of the tub and let out a sigh.

"Why's the water so murky?" Jack muttered to himself.

"Her makeup came off." I sniffled

"Um, not really." He said while kneeling down in front of the tub and reaching his hand into the water.

I sat up next to him and ran my finger along her cheek and nothing came off "Jack, nothing's coming off." I looked over her more closely and saw that her neck and chest were covered in poorly done foundation.

"Jack, look," I said while smudging the makeup on her collarbone, causing it to come off on my fingers and in the water "And where's her necklace?"

"What necklace?"

"She always wore a necklace. It was her grandmother's"

"I don't know, she probably took it off, but didn't she always have makeup on her neck and chest because she had some kind of skin disease?" She used to get eczema all over her body, but hasn't really had any big flare ups since high school.

"Yeah, but–"

"Gabby, I really don't know what you're trying to prove. You're paranoid and I'm really worried about you. Don't worry about him because I know you are right now. He's probably not even worried about you right now." I just stayed silent because I didn't want to tell him about the voicemail the other night.

"Yeah." I said quietly

"Come on, let's just.. Get away from the body. It's not helping." He stood up then helped me up, still holding my hand.

As we were walking out, I saw a small note sitting on the kitchen sink.

I felt his hand slightly tug at mine as I stopped in my tracks and he continued walking "What's wrong–" he looked down at the note in my hand "What does it say?" He asked softly.

"'I wish I could stay here for all of my friends and family, but these fast few months have just been so hard without Ryan. He's my brother and best friend and now I finally get to see him again! I just couldn't get through this one, but now I can be happy with him. I'll meet you up in Heaven. Love you all '" I read aloud, my voice got shakier with every word, taking in the fact that my best friend from the beginning of everything took her own life, and never told anyone about the way she felt "She took her own life." My voice cracked.

He pulled me into his chest and held me tight while I sobbed into his shirt.



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