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Gabby's POV

"Jack, stop," I laughed "You're messing up my hair." I swatted his hand away from my natural curls "Your hair is so fun to play with though." "I know it is." I said playfully.

I looked up at him in the bathroom mirror and he was looking down at me with an intent look on his face "What?" "Nothing." "No, really. What?" I asked with a smile "I just like to look at you. As creepy as it sounds." "You're so weird." I shook my head playfully.

"I'm sorry, you're very beautiful." "Stop." I blushed, not being able to stop smiling. "Why?" He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and leaned half of his body weight on me "You know you are." "Ok, well look at you. You're so like.. fine" "This isn't about me, it's about you." He chuckled. "Why is it about me then? Let's make it about you." I turned around and leaned my back on the counter to face him.

"Ok, what about me?" He asked "I mean, look at you. You have a perfect jawline, you have a nice body, and your attitude and overall character is A1. You're way outta my league." "Me? Gabby," he crossed his arms over his chest "Turn around for a sec." "Why? Are you gonna grab my ass?" I said playfully. "Just do it."

I turned around and looked up at him "Don't look at me, look at yourself." He smiled.

I playfully rolled my eyes and made eye contact with myself in the mirror. "Look at your hair. Look at the way your curls bounce right off of your shoulders. The little sun-dyed pieces all over. I see you try to get rid of the frizz and nappy roots but I love it. Ya know why?" "Why?" "Because it's natural and its you and I love you... Now look at your nose." "I hate my nose. It's huge." "It's so big and cute. Love your nose like I do,"

He leaned against the wall behind us "Now look at your eyes. I know you love that about yourself. Your hazel eyes that turn lighter in the sun. That's so sexy. And when you get mad and flash a death stare at me with those puppies. Watch out."

"Now look at your lips. Just look at em. I can't stop. They're so plump and mmm. Kylie told her plastic surgeon or whoever to give her your lips. But she can't even compare," I couldn't help but smile more "And see, that's the best thing about your lips. They give me a beautiful smile to look at."

"Now look at your stomach." "Oh God, Jack. You know I h–" "Baby just do it." I let out a sigh and pulled up my shirt so you could see my plushy stomach. No, it wasn't flat and it wasn't toned but you could call me somewhat "slim." It's like a small fat layer on top of muscle. "Your stomach is so soft and comfortable to rest my head on. It's cute on you."

"Now turn around." "Jack." "Please just do it,"

I turned around so I was facing him. "Now look back." I playfully rolled my eyes.

I looked back and saw Jack staring at my behind in the mirror. "Ahem." I cleared my throat "Look, I've been to a lot of birthday parties in my lifetime and I've never seen as much cake at any of those than I have on your backside." I started laughing at his corny joke "I see all those guys staring when we go out. That's why I always have to pull your shirt down. It's not theirs to look at.

He pulled me into him by my waist and put his head on my shoulder "And it's just so fun to play with," He held my booty in his hands "See, it jiggles too." He continued to play with it.

"And last but not at all least," he pulled himself away from me, and held my hands in his "Look down at your arms," so I did "Look down at your legs," so I did that too "And your hands." And I looked down at my hands.

"Look at that beautiful melanin." He took a few seconds to just look at me "Your skin is so beautiful, and I don't say that as a white guy trying to suck up to a black woman, I mean damn. Look at you. Look at my baby slaying, getting darker whenever the sun touches her, less prone to get a skin disease. Was darker before anybody else put on their sun tan lotion or got in a tanning bed. Proud to be Haitian and proud to be black. Look at you go. You're beautiful and your attitude and self respect and ability to empathize a situation and your lack of ignorance and high knowledge on topics, especially social justice issues is amazing and so attractive. You amaze me every day whether it's physically or mentally or emotionally. Love yourself more than I love you which is a lot," He kissed my forehead "Do it for me."  

I woke up back in the basement without Jack's t-shirt anymore.

I just had him.

He was right there with me.

That happened about a month before Hayes took me. I remembered our whole conversation because it meant so much.

I got up and walked over to the door, knowing damn well it was locked.

I tried to open it and of corse it was locked.

I let out a groan in exasperation and pounded on the door "Hayes!" I yelled. I kicked at the door, frustrated "Hayes!" I screamed.

I could feel my eyes start to water and that slight stinging pain in my nose before the tears started to fall. "Hayes!" I sobbed "Hayes, please."


I might edit the part after she wakes up. I don't really like it tbh.

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