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I woke up with a Huge headache and laid in bed, asking myself why I did this to myself yet again.

I slowly sat up, and my head was pounding. I sat on the edge of my bed for a good two minutes, holding my head in my hands and finally got up to go to the bathroom.

I did my business, splashed some water on my face and took an Advil for the headache.

Whenever I'd be hungover from a fun night, she'd always be the one to take care of me the next day. She didn't really like drinking and she'd only do it sometimes, but she hated it when I would abuse alcohol. She always went on about how I'm going to get liver disease or poison myself to death one day.

I let out a sigh in exasperation as I let the thought of her take over.

"You're going to get her back. Just keep pushing." I mumbled to myself.

I walked back into my room because looking at her Shea Moisture and Eco styled gel wasn't helping me at all.

She always took great care of her hair and she always looked so perfect with it. I watched her do her hair every day and I still couldn't manage to figure it out.

I sat back down on my bed and picked up my phone, going straight to my messages to see who's texted me.

The first message to pop up was from an unknown number, reading "This is Hayes. I want to talk to you about something."

I immediately called the number and waited for him to pick up.

After it rang about four times, his voice rang through the phone.

"Hello?" He said in a raspy voice.

"What did you want to talk about, Hayes?" I said sternly.

"I want to meet you over lunch or dinner so we can discuss a few things." "What things?" "You'll have to find out when I see you. What's a good time and place for you?" "Let's go to Mods Pizza around 7." I suggested "Won't it be crowded around then?" He asked "That's an hour before it closes, dumbass. No ones there past like 6 anyways."

He hung up the phone and I took a deep breath in before I called again.

The phone rung a few times then he picked up. "Pretty disrespectful for someone who wants their girlfriend back, huh?" He said into the phone "I know, I know. I'm sorry. Is 7 good?" I asked "Yeah. I'll see you then."


When I showed up at Mods, Hayes was sitting down at a table with a number in front of him. He was on his phone and when he noticed me walking towards the table, a smirk came accross his face.

"Jack, you actually made it." He said "Yeah, what did you want to talk to me about?" I asked.

"You don't want to order anything first?" He asked "Hayes, cut the shit and stop wasting my time." I started to get loud but it didn't matter because the restaurant was empty and the workers were in the back.

"I just wanted to let you know how Gabby is doing," He leaned back in his chair.

"I won't even lie to you, she missed you and she'd always talk about you or wear that ugly ass shirt of yours around the house, but I think she's back to normal." A small smile came back on his face.

"Back to normal?" I asked "She doesn't care about you anymore, Jack so stop trying." "You're lying, Hayes."

"You wish I was," he said "But you should hear the way she moans my name, Jack. Have you ever heard her moan?" I sat there in silence, trying to remain calm.

"And the way her legs shake when I fuck her. Ya know, at first, she couldn't take it. She was always running from it.. But she eventually learned to just shut up and take it."

My jaw was clenched and so were my fists. I was so ready to just kill him.

"And the best part is, it's all consensual. She can't even get enough of it. But how about you, Jack? What about you and your sex life?" He asked.

"Gabby's still my girlfriend. I'd never do that to her." "But she's doing it to you." He interrupted. "You're holding her captive." "She loves me and you know it." We went back and forth.

"What about you and the girl at the party you went to? Y'all seemed pretty close. You were even in the bathroom together huh?" He asked.

"Oh my God, not that bitch. She wouldn't leave me alone. I told her I have a girlfriend and she kept pushing it." I answrred

"Pictures say a lot of words. And those aren't any to explain these." He pulled out pictures of me and her at the party. Her walking into the bathroom with me, her grabbing on my dick, kissing on me, every terrible moment of that night that could be taken out of context.

I was speechless.

"H.. how'd you get these?" I asked.

"I know a lot of people, Jack," he took the pictures back "Now, I'm going to show these to Gabby to seal off the fact that she doesn't want you anymore and she certainly won't want you after she found out that you cheated on her with some whore."

"Hayes, what the fuck do you want from me?" "At this point, nothing. I got what I wanted. I just don't like you." "Then take that out on me, not her or her feelings." "It looks like it's upsetting you more than anyone else." He shrugged.

"You are so pathetic. The fact that you'd hurt everyone else just to kidnap and hide someone that doesn't even love you." "So what if I did? I got what I wanted. And she's fine now anyways. I told you, she still loves me. Just accept it, Jack?"

"So, you did kill all of those people and hurt everyone?" I asked, appalled.

He nodded in response. "So, Gabby was right. You're a crazy, selfish asshole. And you're also a cocky, arrogant little bitch for admitting your crimes while being recorded." I sat back and just smiled.

"What?" He asked "You've really proven my points. Ya know, about you being a complete dumbass. And this whole time you thought you could outsmart everyone, but you ended up admitting your crimes to me. I have to laugh." I shook my head with a cheeky smile and Hayes seemed to still be processing everything.

"Well, have a nice night," I started getting up from the table. "I cannot wait to have my girlfriend back, dumbass." I smiled right in his face as I got up and left.


I walked out of my bathroom while brushing my teeth and checked my phone which was on the charger.

I turned my playlist on shuffle and walked back into my bathroom to spit out the toothpaste in my mouth.

I cupped my hands and rinsed my mouth out with water and when I dried off my face and hands, I just looked at myself in the mirror. Soon enough, I'll have Gabby back by my side on nights like this.

I walked back in my room and turned off my light then laid down in my bed.

As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt a hand with a wet cloth cover my mouth and nose.

I immediately pushed the hand away with all my strength and my face was attacked with punches then the towel was forced onto my face once again.

Before I passed out, I could hear my music fading and then everything went dark.

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