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Hayes' POV

I tossed my phone onto the bed and rested my head back on my headboard.

It didn't seem like she knew that I was watching her.

She only noticed me in Smoothie King and while I was walking past her apartment building. 

And a restraining order? She wouldn't. She'd respond to that idea as "mean" or "Harsh", but she has been really defensive lately, so I don't want to take any chances.

I'll just hire an old friend of mine to keep an eye on her. Just to make sure she's safe. She'll never know.

Hey, Cam, remember that huge favor you owed me?- Hayes

Yeah, why?- Cameron

I need to use it.- Hayes

K. What do you need?- Cameron

I really need you to keep an eye on my ex-girlfriend, Gabby. I just want to make sure that she stays safe and doesn't do anything bad.- Hayes

I don't think I should stalk your ex.- Cameron

Please. I really need this. I just need you to tell me what she's doing and stuff. She barley even knows who you are. It's fine I promise.- Hayes

Don't you think this is taking it a little too far?- Cameron

Please, Cameron. I really need this. I'll do anything.- Hayes

Fine, but if I get caught, I'm blaming it all on you.- Cameron

Ok. -Hayes

Thank you so much🙏🏾😩-Hayes

Don't mention it.- Cameron

Ok, where does she live anyways?- Cameron

She lives in the Hanover South Park building by the Staples Center.- Hayes

Oh, those are really nice.-Cameron

Yep.- Hayes

Well, I'll text you later I guess. I'll tell you how it goes.- Cameron

Ok. Thanks again.- Hayes

I set my phone down on my bed and smiled to myself.

l'll get her back one way or another. She'll come around soon. I know it.


Short chapter, but I'm updating this a lot more now.

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