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I had Johnson on speaker phone as I crawled through Hayes' back window.

I'm surprised there wasn't an alarm attached to them because he seems to be the type to have one.

I searched around for anything of Gabby's or just a clue or something. I don't even know. I'd be happy if I found a pinch of crack cause he's obviously sniffing something.

"G, are you in?" JJ's voice echoed throughout the room. "Yeah."

I walked into the hallway by the stairs leading upstairs and saw pictures of him and Gabby and Gabby by herself all lined up  against the wall. It was kind of creepy. MY girlfriend on his walls.

"What do you see?" He asked, causing me to jump.

"Umm, just.. pictures of him and Gabby... and.. Gabby."

"Ok, well hurry up." You don't wanna get caught." He sounded nervous for me.

I headed upstairs and checked the rooms. All of the doors were open, except for one, drawing my attention.

I slowly walked over to it and attempted to open it but it was locked.

Even more of a reason to go in there.

I checked all of the other rooms and finally headed towards the locked one.

I dug in my pockets for my wallet and left my phone in my pocket. I pulled out a credit card from it and attempted using it to open the door. It's been years and years since I've done this but why not give it a try?

After about two minutes of trying I finally heard a small "click" from the door.

I opened the door and it was a small office. It didn't look like anything needed to me hidden.

I stepped inside and it felt colder than the rest of the house. Like what you'd hear in one of those paranormal shows.

I walked over to the desk and examined the papers on it. They were all just bills and junk mail.

There were two huge pictures on two walls and a window in the wall between those. It's a nice house, if you ask me. A psychopath just owns it.

I heard Johnson humming to himself through the phone and that reminded me that he was there "Hey, Johnson." I asked, interrupting him "Yeah?" "I looked all over and I don't see anything." I plopped down in the office chair.

"Well, have you tried under table tops and between couch cushions and shit? He seems like he's an expert at this shit, maybe he's two steps ahead of you."

I felt under the desk and didn't feel anything. I checked farther along the underside of the table and pricked my finger on a small screw or something.

"Fuck." I mumbled to myself "What? Did you find something?" Johnson asked "No, I just... Nothing."

I got up and looked around more, thinking about what Johnson said about searching more intently.

I checked in the desk drawers, in the filing cabinets, on shelves but found nothing.

"Johnson, I give up." I put my face in my hands. "What else is in there?" He asked "Just another chair and more shelves." "What about on the walls?" "There are two pictures." "Then check those." He suggested "How?" "Take them off the walls and see what's behind them.

I got up and walked over to the first one which was a birds-eye-view picture of Manhattan. I took it off of the wall and a few pieces of paper and pictures floated to the ground.

I looked up at the wall and there it was.

A huge collage of pictures that all surrounded Gabby. There were sticky notes, pictures of her, me, people she's been with, and more."

I set down the picture and just stared at the wall for a minute, taking in that THIS might reveal where Gabby is or could get her back.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Johnson's unsteady voice

"Umm, Gilinsky. Hayes is home." "What?" "He's pulling up in the driveway right now. Get out of there."

I walked over to the window in the office and looked down to see his black Audi parked in the driveway and him walking towards the door.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck fu-" I was cut off by an alarm beeping and a few seconds later it stopped.

I hung up the phone, immediately to prevent any noise from coming through.

I took a few pictures on my phone and sent them to Johnson before anything else to create solid evidence that something was going on.

Get out- Jack Johnson

Now!!- Jack Johnson

How??? I'm on the top level- Jack Gilinsky

Is there a window?- Jack Johnson

Yes- Jack Gilinsky


I heard Hayes set down his keys somewhere downstairs.

I walked over to the window, trying my best to not make any noise.

I stopped in my tracks when I heard fast footsteps and and the window downstairs slam shut.

My stomach dropped because he knows I'm here. Or at least that someone's here.

I unlocked the window and opened it as fast as I could, earning a small shutting noise and hurled myself out of the window. I was hanging by my fingertips and just dropped into the bushes below me.

I landed hard and of corse my calf hasn't fully healed so I let out a loud "FUCK" It hurt but not as much as asphalt would, especially on this bad leg.

I scrambled to my feet and out of the prickly leaves and broken branches and jogged with a limp back to the car.

And once I shut the door, Johnson sped off.


I saw the open kitchen window and when I checked the rest of the house found that someone had broken into my office and left a window open.

I have a feeling I know who was in my house.


Here's a somewhat long chapter after a long time without updating.

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