Chapter: 4

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Y/N: *thinks* I should run away it's too dangerous here.

You walked down the hallway hoping that nobody saw you. Luckily there was nobody downstairs.
You walked to the front door and it was open.
You walked outside and there was all forest.

Y/N: *thinks* wich way to go?

You just ran straight into the woods.
When you ran for like 30 minutes you sat down because you were tired.
Then it suddenly started to rain.

(Author: well geez that's just something that always happens😂)

It was so cold and you looked around for shelter.

You saw a cave but it was not that I would say nearby.
You rushed to the cave and luckily it was dry and warm there.

Y/N: *sighs* I hope I can find a city or anything nearby.

You looked around and there were a few animals sitting in the cave too.
To your surprise they weren't scared of humans.
You petted them and you laid down after a few minutes and you fell asleep.
The next morning you woke up and it was still raining but not that worse as before.

Y/N: well I better get going.

You got up and you walked through the rain and after like walking for an hour you found a road. You followed the road and after 5/10 minutes you found a city.

Y/N: finally.

You walked to the nearest building and you walked inside.
It was a bar.
You sat on a seat.
You sat there quiet for a while and it stopped raining so you got outside.

Y/N: I hope I'm safe here.

You walked around.. when suddenly..
Someone grabbed your wrist from behind.
You closed your eyes in fear.

Y/N:*thinks* I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die.
???: Jesus why are you shacking so much.

You turned around and slowly opened your eyes.
There was a girl with long black hair standing there.

???: I just wanted to ask you something.
Y/N: ow okay, what is it?
She let's go of your wrist.
???: first of, why are you so wet it didn't rain that long or you could of at least got inside somewhere, and second why are you so scared?

Y/N: ehm I am so wet because I was in the forest far away from this city, and I'm a little scared because... ehh well I sort of ran away from people.
???: did you know those people?
Y/N: ehm sort of.

???: do you need a place to stay, I have an apartment and I have a spare room.
Y/N: that's sounds great..
Y/N: *thinks* will she get in trouble if the boys find out I'm living with her?
???: well let's first introduce ourselves, my name is Sylvia,yours?
Y/N: my name is Y/N.
Sylvia: well it's nice to meet you Y/N.
Y/N: it's nice to meet you too.

Sylvia: let's go to my apartment shall we?
Sylvia walked away and you followed her.
When You both got to a apartment
She walked inside to the elevator.

Sylvia: come.

You got inside the elevator too.
She pushed the button to the highest floor.
The elevator made a stop on the 5ft floor.

Two men in Black hoodies came in the elevator.
Somehow they looked familiar.

They just stood in the corner of the elevator whispering with each other.
When the elevator got to the 17th floor the doors opened, Sylvia walked outside and you followed her.

But before you had a change to go outside the elevator the doors closed.
And the elevator was going down.

You were shocked and you looked around. You saw one of the hooded boys pushing the button for the first floor(ground level).

Y/N: ehm mister I still needed to go out.
???: you don't need to go anywhere, only with us.
Y/N: w..what..?

One of the hooded men showed his face and...

Y/N:what are you doing here?
J-Hope: I can ask the same for you, why did you run away?
Y/N: I...i..  ehh...
???: you were scared?
Y/N: Y..yes..
J-Hope Hugged you.
J-Hope: you don't have to be scared I will never hurt you.

The other hooded men showed his face too, it was Suga.
He joined the hug too.
You felt tears forming in your eyes.

Y/N: ....*whisper* thanks..
J-Hope: we are always here for you.
Suga broke the hug and he walked to the corner of the elevator.
J-Hope: well I understand if you don't wanna come back with us but you have to.

Y/N: look I..i I'm just scared to go back but here I don't have anyone (okay lol sorry Sylvia XD) but I..i.. am just scared of you all...

J-Hope: look as long as you are with me and suga nothing will happen.
Y/N:....thank you..

You all stayed quiet until you reached the ground level and you 3 got out the elevator.
When you got outside the building J-Hope and suga walked to a car and got in.

Suga: are you coming or what?
Y/N: ow yes.

You got inside the car and suga and J-Hope were sitting in the front and you in the back.
It was silent the whole ride.

When you arrived back at the house Suga and J-Hope got out of the car and so did you.

Suga: well I hope for you that they will forgive you.
Y/N: yeah....

They opened the door and you all got in.

Jin: well your finally back.
V: why did you run away are we not good enough *fake crying*
Y/N: *whispers* I'm sorry.
Jimin: well your back now and that's the only good thing.

Jin: well I'm hungry let's eat.

V: you literally ate a pizza 5 minutes ago.
Jin: well but it's still time to eat so i'l make something.

Jin walked away and Suga and Rm too.

Jimin: why did you leave were we that bad for you?
J-Hope: Jimin she was just very scared that's all.
Jimin: I didn't ask you anything!
J-Hope: well you don't need to ask her anything!
Y/N: please don't fight!
. Silence...

Jimin: tch.

Jimin walked away.
And Jungkook and V walked to the living room.

J-Hope: sorry I didn't want you to feel uncomfortable, I just wanna protect you.

J-Hope walked away.

Jin: Food is ready!!

You all came to the kitchen and ate.
Hey readers I hope you enjoyed it.
You can always give me ideas or some other things to make the story better.

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