Chapter: 22

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V had already walked away.

You walked to rm who was still on the ground.

You shook him a little.

Y/N: rm.. wake up..

He slowly began to move and he sat up.

He hold his hand on his head.

Rm: what happened?

Y/N: eh.. i don't know how to say it but, green eyes.

Rm: mm I should be tired then... Y/N can you walk with me please.

Y/N: sure.

Rm got up and he walked away and you followed.

You both went upstairs to the room area.

Rm opened one of the doors and it was pitch black inside.

Rm: come in.

You walked inside and rm turned the lights on.

You saw a bed.. and ... a cage.

Y/N: why is there a cage in here?!

Rm: it's for sleeping... and to keep everybody in the house safe at night.

Y/N: isn't there a other way.? Like only locking the door.?

Rm: we already tried a lot of things but none of them worked.. when you lock the door they will just break it down.

Rm opened the cage and walked in it.

Rm handed you a key.

Rm: lock me up.

You hesitated for a few seconds, but you couldn't disobey him.

You locked him up..

You didn't like him being locked up.. but I guess it was for the best..

Rm laid down on the bed in the cage.

You sat down in a chair in the room.

You were also tired yourself.

Rm looked like he was sleeping but he got up all of a sudden.

He looked at you, he had green glowing eyes.

Rm: well hello there... can you come closer..?

You didn't move (cuz tired....).

Rm: I said.

He tried to break through the bars.


You stood up from the chair fast and backed away.

He kept yelling and you slowly made your way to the door.

You looked back for a few seconds at the yelling and screaming rm...

You opened the door and closed it behind you.

Y/N: *thinks* that was horrible to witness.....

You sat on the ground with you back facing the door..

You slowly fell asleep because you were tired.
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