Chapter: 56

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It was all dark around you.

???: Y/N...

You looked around.

Y/N: who is there?

You saw someone walk up to you from the dark.

You saw someone walk up to you from the dark

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Y/N: jungkook!

You rushed to him and you hugged him.

You started to tear up.

He petted your head.

Jungkook: shh its okay.

Y/N: are you all okay?

Jungkook: we are all fine... well most of us..

You looked up.

Y/N: *thinks* ow yeah.. J-Hope...

Jungkook: i cant talk for long anymore but you shouldnt worry about us.. you must get out of there.. and maybe also find J-Hope.

Y/N: but how.. *mumbles* i'm a weak human after all..

Jungkook: don't worry.. we will do our best to come and help.. but we are also no match for them.

Jungkook then slowly started to disappear.

Jungkook: oh i'm going.. bye..

Y/N: wait!

You opened your eyes.

You met with a stone ceiling.

You sat up.

Y/N: what is this place..

You looked down.

You only noticed now.. that you were in a hammock made of plants and flowers..

Hanging very high from the ground. And i mean VERY high.

You grabbed the sides of hammock, scared of falling down.

You inspected the place a little from what you could see.

It looked like just a room that was based on the form of a cylinder.

But it had stone walls everywhere with some plants.

It looked also very old.

???: enjoying the view?

You got scared of the sudden voice and looked to your left.

It was Jackson.

He was a little too close so you moved a little to the right.

Bad idea.

Not even a second passed or you fell out of the hammock.

You started to scream.

Y/N: *thinks* i'm gonna die i'm gonna die i'm gonna die i'm gonna die.

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