Chapter: 62

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Mark and you were walking for a while.

He pointed at a giant stone tower.

Mark: thats the place.

Y/N: and what are we gonna do there?

Mark: you'll see.

Y/N: yah i want an explanation for once!

Mark: its too complicated to explain.

Y/N: then at least try!

Mark: uhh.. you.

He gestured to you.

Mark: chair..

He tried to make a chair of his hands.

You tilted your head to the side.

Y/N: huh?

Mark: aish!

He scratched his head.

Mark: sorry i really cant explain.

Y/N: wait.. what is.. like the chair for?

Mark: uh.. you sit on it.. and then.. uh.. i don't know how to explain the rest.

Y/N: will something happen to me?

Mark: sort of..? Your still here but at the same time not..

Y/N: ... Huh?!


He walked away.

Mark: lets just go.

Y/N: yah wait up!

You followed him.

While walking you just thought what it all could mean.

Then all of a sudden a roar could be heard..

Again a lion.

Mark: oh sh*t.

He grabbed your wrist and started running.

Mark: RUN!

While he was dragging you you looked behind.

You saw just the forest.. and in the distance a lion running towards you both.

Y/N: *thinks* wait.. thats V!

Y/N: let go!

You stopped running but he kept pulling your wrist which made you still go with him.

Y/N: i said let go!

You pulled your hand but his grip was too strong.

V came closer and closer.

You looked in the front again and you were right in front of the stone building.

Mark quickly pushed you inside and closed a heavy door.

You tried to open the door.

It was too heavy for yourself to open or break.

You smashed your hands against the heavy door.

???: yah did that lion escape or something..

You turned around.

They were all standing there.

All except mark of course.

You looked around a little before speaking.

You looked around a little before speaking

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