Chapter: 45

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You removed Jin's hand.

You wish you had never done that.

Dead bodies.

The bodies were green and rotten and some of their skin was gone in some places.

I could smell how it stunk.

You felt like your about to throw up.

Jin: so this is what they done with those last ones..

You covered your mouth.

Y/N: last ones?

Jin: yeah the last of the people.. that disappeared.

Y/N: how long ago even was that..

Jin: a few thousand years.

Y/N: how. Can their bodies be so intact?

Jin circled his hand around his face.

Jin: vampires. We live almost forever.

Y/N: so they really did kill..

Jin: I don't think there is much else to look at. Let's go.

Jin pushed you back to the ladder and you climbed down.

Y/N: welp I guess next?

Jin: yup.

(Author: thank you next~)

You both walked outside this room.

And the next.

Jin: hmm.. I think this.. is Jackson's room.

He opened the door.

It was completely dark.

Jin: where is the light switch..

You walked in the room.

You didn't walk too far away from the door cuz it was so dark.

Jin: found it.

The lights went on.

The room.. was full of spikes.

Knives and other dangerous stuff.

Jin: yikes not Jackson's room..

Y/N: then from who is this room.. it's scary.

Jin: if I'm correct.. Jinyoung.

Jin: watch out while searching. Those spikes are not that weak.

Y/N: yeah yeah.

You looked around and you saw a chest in the corner of the room.

You carefully walked to it trying to avoid all the metal spikes.

You opened it carefully,

Then all of a sudden the lid jumped open.

Jimin: BOO!

You screamed and fell on the ground.


Jimin laughed evilly.

Y/N: aw.

You looked at your hand.

When falling your hand came on one of the spikes.

Y/N: Jin wasn't wrong that hurts.

You heard Footsteps behind you.

Jin: what happ-


Jimin: hey don't yell at me. I didn't come with the idea.

Then a bunny(Jungkook) came jumping out of the chest.

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