Chapter: 44

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There were shadows standing behind you.

Y/N: *thinks* sh*t!

Jin: Y/N?

He turned around.

He grabbed your wrist and started running.

Jin: not a word..

He ran as fast as he could with dragging you behind him through the halls.

???: get his hand off you.

???: come with us..

The shadows then started to come after you two.

The shadows were a lot faster.

The shadows surrounded you and became like a sort of bubble of darkness around you.

Jin stopped running.

He clutched his fist.

Jin: sorry..

He hugged you.

???: what are you doing? Get away from him now.

Y/N: it's going to be okay Jin..

Jin closed his eyes.

He broke the hug.

He slowly opened his eyes again.


He then closed his eyes again.

A small tear of blood fell.

And reopened them.


His eyes were empty, just like in.. that sort of dream..

Jin: Y/.... N...

He opened his mouth and an eye ball came rolling out of his mouth on the ground.

You screamed and fell down on the ground.

Jin walked closer to you like a zombie.

You crawled further away everytime he came closer.

Then his hand fell off.

Then his whole arm.

He was falling apart.

it looked like he was melting or something like that.

He then was just a small puddle on the ground.

???: fascinating. You still denied us and now look what you've done.

Y/N: wha-

Then all of a sudden a person appeared and putted his finger on your mouth.

Then all of a sudden a person appeared and putted his finger on your mouth

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???: just shut your goddamn mouth for once.

You wanted to still say something but your mouth wouldn't open.

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