Chapter: 30

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Jin: we are so close.

You didn't know what to do.

If you ran away you would only get lost in the darkness.

Jin: trying to think about how to escape?

Jin: don't bother.

You looked at the green glowing dots and it was just staring for a few seconds.

Y/N: *thinks* no Y/N what are you doing?! Don't look. Maybe this is why you turned so weird all the time.

You tried to look away but when you moved your head your eyes kept looking at him.

Jin: you really think you can escape.

You heard someone click in his fingers and you felt that your soul left your body.

Y/N: *thinks* dammit....

You felt your wrist getting grabbed and all of a sudden a candle went on.

You could finally see a little.

Jin reached out for the door in front of you.

You just noticed that the bowl where your blood went in.

Was empty.

The guy just pushed the door open.

It opened and the person inside Jin took the candle with him.

Jin: come.

You stepped inside the room without being able to stop yourself.

He closed the door behind you.

Jin: so close...

You then heard people yell somewhere behind a few doors.

Suga: Y/N?!


Y/N: *thinks* thank god... I'm-

Jin: don't think that you are saved..

Jin: once this door closes again you again need to fill in the bowl with blood.. human blood.

Jin: and as it seems your the only human in this house.

Jin: aaand breaking the door is impossible.

Suga: you know we can hear you inside there...

Jin: yeah but can you get in.,? No.

Suga: never say never.

Jin: hmpf.

The guy in Jin just ignored it and he walked to something covered by a dark blanket.

Jin: I'm sure you will remember this.

He grabbed the blanket and pulled it down.

He grabbed the blanket and pulled it down

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