Chapter: 52

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Y/N: what do you mean?

Leah: *sighs*

Y/N: ow wait let me guess your also here to be like "do you want to know your past and stuff"

Y/N: I don't want to know!

Leah: and why not?

Y/N: it will only get in the way.

Leah: or it could change the way you see life.

Y/N: I like the way I see life now.

Leah: are you sure.?

Y/N: yes now leave me alone!

Leah: okay so you want to stay here locked forever?

You looked down..

Leah: aish you really need to get your priorities straight.

Y/N: at least let me ask you this, where am I?

Leah: your.. somewhere.. I think that that Jinyoung guy took you.

Y/N: how do you know that?

Leah: I said I think.

Y/N: anyway can you please get me out of here..?

Leah: if you listen to me.

Y/N: *sighs* fine..

Leah: finally.

Leah: so anyw-

J-Hope: GUYS! I smell her!

Leah: aish really? I can't finish a single sentence?

Leah: well... this will have to wait again..

She putted her finger on your mouth.

Leah: don't make a single sound.. or you'll regret it.

She then just disappeared.

You heard their voices pretty close.

Jin: wait I sense her too.


You tried to say something but your mouth couldn't open.

You saw one of the walls moving.

Suga: I found something!

A part of the wall just opened like a door.

You saw Suga standing there.

He was looking around the room.

You got up and walked to him but ofc you tripped again because of the chain.

Suga looked around.

Suga: did you guys hear that?

Jimin: hear what?

You just waved to get his attention.

Y/N: *thinks* god this isn't funny! Can't he see me or something.

Suga walked forward but you were still on the ground.

He tripped over you.

Suga: yah Jimin!

Jimin: I didn't do anything!

Jin: did you guys find anything?

Suga: nope. Nothing here.

You tried to yell but again your mouth just couldn't open.

Y/N: *thinks* why.. can't they see me..?

Suga: let's go..

They all walked back into where they came from.

You reached out your arm.

Y/N: *thinks* don't go.. I don't wanna be alone...

Your felt your eyes tear up.

Y/N: *thinks* please see me..

You just crawled as far as you could with the chain and reached with your arm.

The sort of stone door closed.

Y/N: *thinks* d..don't go..

You felt a hand on your shoulder.

Leah: poor thing... all alone in this hell..

You wanted to say something but your mouth still couldn't open.

Leah helped you get up.

Leah: god I think I can't do this anymore..

You tilted your head to the side.

Leah pushed you against the wall.

Y/N: *thinks* what in the world-

Her face then sort of like began to melt.

Her clothes just magically changed.

And there was a whole other person.

Y/N: *thinks* oh god not him again!

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Y/N: *thinks* oh god not him again!

He didn't say anything.

He stared into your eyes for a few seconds but it felt like he was looking into your soul.

He still didn't say anything.

You finally snapped out of his stare and you started to struggle.

Jinyoung: aw is little girl scared?

He stroke his hand softly on your cheek.

You moved your face away from his hand (to the side).

He didn't seem to be bothered.

His face moved closer to your neck.

He putted his arms around you so you couldn't move away.

You still struggled to get away.

Jinyoung: you know you can't escape us anymore.

You felt his mouth on your skin near your neck.

Jinyoung: you don't wanna know how long I waited for this.

He bit you drinking your blood.

You still tried to push him away but your strength was slowly fading away as he was drinking your blood..

Y/N: *thinks* please... somebody..

"Save me"

So.... yeah.. idk what to say...

I'm still shooked about the reads 😹💜

Love ya all and have a blessed day💜

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