Chapter: 67

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Jin(kid): blood..

Y/N: *thinks* no way... is this how..

You didn't even have time to think or a breeze came past you.

You looked behind you and you saw Jin biting V's neck.

Rm: Yah! Hyung!

Rm pushed Jin away but that only made it worse for V.

Blood plashed all around the room.

V collapsed to the ground and covered the wound with his hand.

You could see that he was crying in pain.

Suga: what is wrong with you?!

Jin didn't say anything.

He ran up to Rm..

And pierced through his chest with his hand.

You quickly looked away but you saw blood plash on the ground.

You heard Rm scream for a few seconds.

And you heard something fall to the ground..

Probably his body..

Y/N: *thinks* oh god.... is this really how it went...? Or is someone messing with my mind...?

You turned around again only at the sight of Jin holding Suga up by his neck squeezing it.

Y/N: Jin stop!

You know he couldn't hear you but still... you wanted to do something.

He didn't react.

Suga tried to kick Jin to get free.

He almost hit him but in a fast movement..

He chopped his leg of with his bare hand.

Your eyes widened.

He let go of Suga also making him collapse on the ground.

You looked at all of them.

V had already passed out on the ground.. probably from the loss of blood.

Rm too... with a giant hole in his chest.

And Suga.. still alive and screaming and holding the wound of his leg.

Jin stood with his back to you in the middle of them.

You slowly walked in front of him.

His face was covered in blood.

And his expression..

One side of his face was smiling like a psycho, and the other was scared and in shock..

All of a sudden you heard someone's footsteps.

You quickly turned around.

Its was J-Hope...

He was holding a stick in his hands and stood in front of Jungkook's hammock.

He was shacking in fear.

Jin turned around.

He took slow steps towards them.

J-Hope(kid): d..don't me a..any .. clo..ser..

He was shacking more then before.

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