Chapter: 59

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You were awkwardly sitting right outside the small wooden hut.

Young-Jae was inside looking for some food.

At least thats what he said.

You were just staring at the view.

Y/N: *thinks* i wonder.. how are the others doing... and what has become of J-Hope.. i still havent seen any trace of him.

???: are you worried about that seal?

You quickly turned around to look where the voice came from.

<bam bam>

Y/N: oh its you..

Bambam: yah i have a name!

Bambam: anyway are you worried about that seal?

Y/N: yeah! Why in the world wouldn't i be!

Bambam grabbed ur wrist and helped you get up.

Bambam: follow me..

You didnt really have something else to do or be worried about.

So you followed him.

Bambam walked somewhere behind the hut and you followed.

He pushed away a giant rock revealing a tunnel into the mountain.

Bambam: dont worry i take good care of my pets..

Y/N: pets?! He is.. not a pet.

Bambam: okay a toy whatever you like to call those things.

Bambam walked into the tunnel.

You followed him angrily.

The tunnel was all dark.

You could still see some things but not clearly.

Bambam stopped all of a sudden.

Bambam: hey was JB with you earlier?

Y/N: hmm no not that i remember.. why?

Bambam: stay here for a few seconds..

Bambam walked forward and you just stayed in place.

He was gone and you had a small view of inside the cave.

You sneakily walked forward.

You couldn't see so you just felt the walls.

Then all of a sudden the tunnel lit up.

There wasnt anywhere to be seen where the lights came from.

It was a soft blue glow.

There was a dead end..

Y/N: *sarcastic* great...

You leaned against the side of the tunnel.

All you could do now was wait..

You suddenly heard an animal scream from the other side of the wall.

It sounded like a lion.

Then all of a sudden the thing that blocked your way began to move.

It slowly rolled to the side.

Bambam stood on the other side.

Bambam: come further.

He turned around and walked forward.

You followed.

Y/N: ehm..if i may ask.

Bambam: yes?

Y/N: what were those sounds?

Bambam: what sounds?

Y/N: eh well i heard something of an animal.. it sounded like a..

Bambam: oh that! Yeah there was a intruder and i was scared it might eat the little seal.

Y/N: what did you do with it?

Bambam: mmm if i'm not dumb like usual i think i putted it in a cage..

If was silent again.

You were both at the end of the tunnel.

The cave you were now standing in..

Was beautifull..

It was just a normal cave with a lake in the middle but..

There were glowing crystals everywhere.

And the water itself was also glowing.

Y/N: whoa! How can all of this glow?

He clenched his fist and brought it to his heart.


He then all of a sudden started dabbing aggressively.

You just stood there silently.

While he was busy dabbing you just took a good glance of your surroundings.

You took a good look at the lake.

There was a chain..

One of the ends attached to a giant rock.

And the other in the water.

Bambam: just walk around its okay. I'll be busy for a while.

He continued dabbing and you walked away.

You walked to the water side.

The water was glowing soft blue.

But you noticed a small puddle of another color..




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