Chapter: 48

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Jimin: maybe that.. set them free..

It was an awkward silence for a few seconds.

Y/N: wait.. if that is true... then they could be here right now!

Jimin: which also means V is also still here probably!

Jimin grabbed your wrist.

Jimin: let's go!

Y/N: yah wait! We.. we can never stand against all of them.

Jimin: well what do you wanna do then? Stand around here waiting until V is maybe gone for good?!

Y/N: .. yeah.. your right let's go.

Suga: go where?

Y/N: eh.. to-

Jimin: we are going to find V wanna come?

Suga: nah I don't feel like hide and seek.

You grabbed his arm before he could walk away.

Y/N: Suga please.. it's not hide and seek, it's serious.

Suga: aish. If this is just another waste of my sleep your gonna pay for it.

Jimin walked back to the hallway where you were in before.

But the door that leaded to the other part (with the bedrooms of the green eyed) was gone.

Jimin: wait. Where did the door go?!

Suga: Jimin don't try to play it off. I know your pranking me again.

Y/N: no we are serious! There was a door here before.

Jimin walked to the place the door was supposed to be.

He felt the wall.

Jimin: wait I feel the doorknob!

You heard a clicking sound and the wall just opened like a door.

Suga: ... nice.

You walked to Jimin and looked inside.

Yup thats the hall.

Suga followed behind you and you three walked inside.

Suga: so.. why was there a hidden door?

Jimin: don't ask me.

You all walked inside and as before you were in the hallway with the bedrooms.

Y/N: so Jimin where do you think they could of taken V?

Suga: they?

Jimin: maybe at the end of the hallway. We never got to there.

Jimin walked forward.

Suga: yah don't skip my question!

Y/N: green eyed.

Jimin was a lot further and all of a sudden he screamed.

Suga and your rushed to him.

Suga: what is it?

Jimin pointed hesitantly up to the ceiling.

There was someone hanging with a rope around his neck.

Suga walked a little backwards to see it better.

Suga: that's not V.

You also stepped back to look at it.

Y/N: what are you talking about? It's V.

Suga: V doesn't wear clothes like that.

Suga: it's an illusion..

The person hanging there slowly faded away.

You then heard a clapping sound.

A person from a dark corner came walking into the light while clapping his hands.

???: good work. You figured it out.

 You figured it out

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You pointed at him.

Y/N: w.. wait your.

???: ow yeah I never introduced myself to you.

He then was all of a sudden right in front of you.

He grabbed your hand softly.

???: my name is mark. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Suga pushed him away from you which made him let go of your hand.

Suga: don't touch her!

Mark: oh my did I make little kitty mad?

You looked at where Jimin was before.

He was gone.

Y/N: Suga. Jimin is also gone.

Suga: what do you want from us?!

Mark: I only want the girl, now hand her over.

Suga: she is not going with you.

Mark: ow I think she is.

He then grabbed a small book from behind his back.

He hold it up.

Mark: want to know Y/N? Who your parents are?

Suga: *whispers* don't. It's just anther illusion.

Mark: don't you wanna know what happened?

Suga: just leave her alone! She doesn't want to know!

Mark: your in the way little kitten.

Then all of a sudden Suga was grabbed by that giant bird from the sketch and the bird flew through the hall away.


Mark: okay now we are finally alone.

Mark: so Y/N.

"Wanna know?"

So with the next chapter I need your help! What should Y/N do? Finally learn what her parents are. Or maybe it's a trap!

Have a blessed day my readers!💜

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