Chapter: 58

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You were on top of the bird just flying to wherever it was going.

Y/N: *thinks* what am i doing.. i'm just going along like a dog with them..

Y/N: *thinks* but if i would try to go back... what would happen..

You sighed.

Y/N: what to do...

Then all of a sudden the bird took a weird sharp turn and it snapped you out of your thoughts.

You looked around why it took such a turn all of a sudden.

Another bird.. smaller

???: Yah Yugyeom slow down!

The birds flying calmed down.

You looked around to search from where the voice could have come from.

The other bird from earlier was gone.

???: well hello again.

You looked at the back of the head of the bird you were flying on.

It looked like a small insect was on its back but when you looked closer.

You saw a small young-jae

Y/N: wait..? How are you so small? And werent you with mark earlier?!

Young-jae became big again and also sat on the back of the bird.

Young-jae: i already took some meat.

He held up a bag and tapped it.

Y/N: *thinks* disgusting..

Young-jae: so this flight is for home?

Y/N: i guess. I don't know the places here.

Young-jae petted the bird you two were on.

Young-jae: yep ride home.

Young-jae: although a little slow dont you think..?

He smiled but it looked like a smirk.

He turned around to face to from of the bird.

Y/N: nah i'm good.

Young-jae: too late.

He leaned forward to the birds head/ear.

You couldn't hear what he said but the bird just made a sound.

(Author: just look up loftwing and then listen)

Then all of a sudden the bird began to fly faster and faster.

It was at a speed that you could barely see everything clear.

You felt the wind push you backwards.

You grabbed onto something to stop yourself from falling off the bird.

You heard Young-jae scream in excitement.

The wind was strong and you just closed your eyes and hold on more to what you were holding.

Then all of a sudden the bird slowed down again.

Young-jae: home!

You opened your eyes again.

And you finally realized what you were holding.

Your arms were wrapped around young-jae.

Young-jae: *chuckles* you can let go now.

You quickly took your arms back.

You could finally look around.

You looked to your right.

The bird was standing on top of a mountain.

You could see the whole valley.

Y/N: *thinks* how in the world is this all under this castle?!

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Y/N: *thinks* how in the world is this all under this castle?!

Young-jae: cmon lets get going!

You turned to your left.

You saw a few rocks, big and small.

And a small wooden hut.

You carefully got off the bird.

Young-jae: i was gonna say welcome to our home but it doesnt look like much *laughs nervously*

So yeah i'm sorry about not updating i was busy and my head wasnt stable.

I hope you all can forgive me!!

I'll try to update normally from now on! Promise💜💜

Have a blessed day!💜

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