Chapter: 28

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Jungkook pov>

(Well that's a first I'm doing another POV outside of Y/N😹)

Y/N was sleeping next to me.

I just couldn't help but stay awake for her sake.

I was laying on my side facing Y/N.

Her face was so peaceful and cute when she was sleeping like this.

I laid my hand on her face.

I hugged her and brought her close to my chest.

Jungkook: I will protect you... if it's the last thing i'll do.....


I woke up with a weird feeling.

I felt someone's arms around me an I was against someone's chest.

I tried to look at the person his face but you could only see it's chin and neck.

Y/N: j..Jungkook..?

The person moved his face now looking at you.

He slowly opened his eyes.

Jungkook (green eyes): hehe sorry he isn't here

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Jungkook (green eyes): hehe sorry he isn't here.

He smirked.

You immediately tried to get out of the grip from his arms.

Jungkook: your as weak as a human after all.

You still tried to get out of his grip.

He got up and putted you over his shoulder.

Y/N: yah! Put me down!

You began to struggle.

Jungkook: geez woman. Can't you calm down.

You saw in the corner of your eye that the room had windows again.

The person in jungkook's body just walked to the door with you still struggling.

He walked into the hallway.


He covered your mouth with his hand.

Jungkook: geez.. where is bambam when you need him..

Y/N: *thinks* bambam?

Jungkook: just stay quiet we don't want the others here.

He putted you back on the ground still with his hand over your mouth.

Jungkook: look we don't want to hurt you, we only want you to help us escape.

V: *from far away* Y/N?! WHERE ARE YOU?

Jungkook: tch, I'll let you think about it..

jungkooks body then fell to the ground.

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