Chapter: 51

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You were laying in your room.

Y/N: *sighs* that went better then expected..

{magical flashback!}

Jin: where have you all bin?!

Jin: and what happened to you all?

Jimin: we.. found V.

Jin: that's not an answer where were you?!

Jimin: in the part of the house you told us not to g-

Jin: YAh! You little brats disobeyed me?!

Jimin: whoops we better run.

{end flashback}

You stood up and wanted to go take a shower.

But before you could even go to the door a hand covered you mouth from behind.

???: I caught you~

You struggled to get free from whatever was holding you.

You finally got the hand off your mouth.

You screamed for a second.

But then again a hand covered your mouth.

And this time with a cotton with a weird smell.

It made you very tired.

???: just sleep for now..

Your eyes became heavy.

And slowly everything became dark around you..

Bts pov>

Suga: did you all hear that?

Jimin: it sounded like..

Jin: Y/N!

We all rushed upstairs to her room.

The door was locked.

Jin knocked on the door.

Jin: Y/N?!

The door slowly opened.

Y/N: what's all this about?

Everybody sighed in relief.

Jimin: why did you scream?

Y/N: oh. I just thought I saw someone in my room.. but it was just my imagination I guess...

Jimin pointed at something in the room.

Jimin: what tha-

Y/N closed the door and locked it.

Jimin: yah!

??? Pov>

???: aish how do girls act so weird all the time..

I was changed into Y/N.

I slowly changed back to my own form.

I had put the girl behind the bed to not be noticed.

I picked her up.

???: let's get going..

Y/N pov>

Everything was so dark..

I opened my eyes slowly..

Y/N: aish my head hurts..

You looked around.

Y/N: w..where am I..?

You remembered what happened.

Y/N: *thinks* oh shit.. have I bin.. kidnapped..?

You looked around again.

It was only stone around you.

It looked very old.

But the thing that caught your eye the most was..

There was not a single door.

You got up from the ground and tried to walk to the walls to check.

But you couldn't make it far.

Something was around your ankle which made you fall.

You looked at you ankle.

There was a chain around it and it was attached to the wall.

Y/N: really.? A chain...

You got up again.

Y/N: *sighs* why couldn't my life just be normal... if.. my mom didn't abandon me in the woods...

Y/N: or as mom told... just somewhere in the village...

Then all of a sudden a person appeared right in front of you.

Leah: hey!

Y/N: yah you again!

Leah: so much I get for trying to help.

Y/N: yah you didn't help! You j-

She covered your mouth.

Leah: geez.. try to keep it down.

Leah: okay so.. I forgot why I came here..

She looked at you.

Leah: oh right you have a chain.

She finally removed her hand from your mouth.

She sat down in front of you.

Leah: sit down.

Leah: we have a lot to talk about.

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But who is this Leah girl? What does she want?

And where is Y/N?

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