Chapter: 34

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You were sitting on the couch in the living room.

Just thinking to yourself..

Y/N: *thinks* it's my fault... my fault that Jin is stuck there... my fault..

You felt a hand on you head.

You looked up.

Suga: don't worry.. we will get him out of there I'm sure of it.

Y/N:... but what if something happened to him... I'm worried.

Suga: don't be, we are immortal remember nothing can take us down!

He smiled.

Rm came walking in the living room.

Rm: Y/N I need you with something come.

Suga: can I come too.. I don't wanna baby sit those three.

Rm: yeah sure.

You got up from the couch and followed rm.

Suga walked beside to you where ever you were going.

You recognized the halls a little.

Rm stopped in front of the door.

The door that leads to the mirror.

He opened it and walked in the room and you and Suga followed.

You remembered what this room was.

This was the room where the bird sorta stabbed you.

You looked at the wound the bird made.

The bandage was still there.

Rm: Y/N.

Y/N: yes?

Rm: Do you have a wound or something that is already open?

Y/N: eh.. I have one wound here but I don't know if it still open.

You carefully removed the bandage on your wrist.

The hole was still there.

They didn't seem to be blood.

Rm looked at the wound.

Rm: I maybe know how to set it in work again.

Rm grabbed your wrist and looked at your arm.

He then pressed somewhere and it looked like he was pressing on some veins.

You then suddenly felt a small pain.

Rm: there we go.

You looked at your arm and there was blood again streaming down.

You saw that Suga was looking with hunger in his eyes to the blood.

Rm: come on hold your wrist above this bowl thingy.

You hold your wrist above that tiny bowl.

And just like with the bird you needed to fill it up until it was full.

When the bowl was full you took your arm back.

You didn't have a bandage to cover it up this time so you just let it be like this.

Suga: need some help with that?

Y/N: nah I'm good.

Rm pushed the door open and the mirror was still there.

Again just a normal mirror.

Rm: let's bring this downstairs.

Rm: can you help me Suga?

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