Chapter: 55

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You were still in the stone room.

The chain hurt a lot.

How many days has it bin already..?

And how many do i need to stay..

And what has become of J-Hope?

Your neck was covered in holes..

They fed off you a lot.

Y/N: when is this going to stop..

Just then someone appeared in front of you.

You remembered most of their names.

Everytime they would come by they told their names.

And how much i am lucky that they took me...

Jackson: goodmorning!

He was smiling like usual..

He grabbed the chain.

Jackson: good news, your finally getting out.

Y/N: wha-? Why..?

Jackson: there is no danger around anymore.

Y/N: *thinks* i still see you.

He grabbed a small key from his pocket.

He removed the chain from your ankle.

You moved your foot around a little.

Jackson: lets get going.

He grabbed your arm and helped you stand up.

You were still too tired from having bad sleep, almost no food and blood loss.

Jackson: this way.

He helped you walk.

He pushed one of the walls and it opened like a door.

You both walked through a few hallways.

And he opened another door.

It looked like a door straight from a fairy tail.

It looked like a door straight from a fairy tail

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He pushed it open and you met with the sunlight.

It was too bright so you closed your eyes.

Jackson: haha. Too bright for you?

Y/N: yah! I haven't seen daylight in like forever!

Jackson: you should go outside more then.

Y/N: i couldn't!

Jackson: and who's fault is that?

Y/N: yours.

Jackson: oh.. right..

Jackson: anyway lets get going.

You both walked through the door.

You looked back..

Y/N: *thinks* what are you doing Y/N.. just walking with him.. he is one of the people that made you like this..

Jackson: if you want to run back.. i wont stop you.

Jackson: but someone else will.

Y/N: i know i asked this a lot.. but.. why me..

Jackson walked closer to you and grabbed your chin.

Jackson: you should've listened to what we had to say then you would know.

Jackson: but you refused everytime..

Y/N: because you almost killed my friends the whole time!

Jackson: tch.. friends.? They were the ones that got you in this trouble.

Y/N: and if i never got lost in the forest.. and just stayed on the streets?

Jackson: then you would live on the streets. You couldn't of set us free that way.

Y/N: so if it wasn't for me you would still be in there.

Jackson: but also if you weren't here you couldn't of put your so called "friends" in danger.

Y/N: speaking of them.. Where are they?!

Jackson: jesus you really dont care about yourself?

Y/N: huh? What do y-

You felt something hit your neck and you immediately fell down.

You couldnt move at all.

Jackson: there. Now you can shut your mouth and we can get going.

Jackson picked you up from the ground and laid you on top of something.

It felt like feathers.

It was probably the giant bird.

Your eyes became heavy.

The last thing you remembered was going up in the air.

"It will all become clear soon"
So i'm sorry about that i didn't update so i tried to make a new chapter as an apology.

I hope you enjoyed and i hope for myself that my ill will go away soon😹

Have a blessed day💜

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