Chapter: 69

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They each picked up one of the kids.

Then suddenly the room turned completely black.

And when it became light you were on the streets.

Well not really the streets.. but outside.

It was just outside of the main part of the town.

And so were they.

And there was a very familiar looking castle..

It looked like the castle they lived in.. but it looked more new.

They quickly ran to the castle with the others in their arms.

And again everything went black and you were standing to your guess somewhere inside the castle.

It was a room.

You saw Jin (kid) laying on a bed.

He was alone..

The room looked very.. for in that time rich.

Then a door opened and

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Then a door opened and.. a woman came in..

It was your mom..

She didn't look any older or younger.

She quietly sat on the side of the bed and looked at him.

Mom: poor child..

All of a sudden Jin sat up.

He immediately backed away from your mother.

Jin(kid): who are you?! Where am i?!

Mom: calm down.. your safe here.

Jin(kid): safe..

He looked down.

Jin(kid): wait.. where are the others?! Did i really.. kill..

Your mom nodded slightly.

Jin(kid): no.. that can't... why did i do that?!

Mom: its an instinct vampires have, its normal.

Jin(kid): are they okay?!

Mom: they're fine.. although all with a side effect.

Jin(kid): and that is?!

Mom: they couldn't survive on their "human" strength, so we had to make them.. vampires.

Jin(kid): its all my fault...

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