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You woke up next morning..

You were alone in your room.

You felt your skin around your collarbone.

There were two holes.

You got up from the bed and opened the door.

You looked in the hall way and it was empty.
You walked out of your room and closed the door.

You walked around the hall and you still didn't know the way around here.

You were walking for very long until you saw a little puppy.

You were walking for very long until you saw a little puppy

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The puppy ran to you and tackled you?

Y/N: *thinks* wait it's so small how can it tackle me like that?

It started to lick you and the puppy cuddled with you (or how ever you say it)

Y/N: *laughs* please stop that, it tickles.
You closed your eyes while laughing.

Then it stopped..

You opened your eyes and saw Jin.

He was on top of you, pushing you to the ground.

Jin: you like being licked?

He smirked.


Jin: okay geezz I was only joking.

He chuckled and let go of you.

You sat up.

Y/N: wait so you are a dog?!

Jin: *chuckles* don't you know? All vampires can become an animal.

Y/N: wait.. what I never knew that about vampires.

Jin: well now you know.

Y/N: wait so the others are animals too?
Jin: yeah of course.

Y/N: and what animal are they all?

Jin: *chuckles* find that out for yourself.

He then disappeared in thin air.

Y/N: why do they always disappear like that?

You sighed and got up from the ground.

You walked further into the hallway.

You looked at the ground and all of the sudden you bumped into someone.

Y/N: ow I'm sorry.

You looked at the person.

V: it's okay, but now your here... I can finish something.

He smirked.

Y/N: ehm no thank you.

You walked away but you felt V grab your wrist.

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