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(If there gonna be more questions/ explanations needed, i'll edit this every question!)

"What happened to got7, and what is their story?"

So I didn't include this for... idk which reason XD.

So basically Got7 were vampires since birth. They also lived within Gehan's world, and Gehan being the selfish Dad that he is put a curse on them, making them his servants. They ended up with Bts (and with the other vampires before they were killed) in the castle in the human world to learn about humans. But Gehan had other plans.

He ordered them to kill all the vampires (including Bts) but as you know they stopped them.

When Assiah put her finger on the curse mark she broke the curse.

And fact about the curse, they live forever with that curse (vampires are known to be very old i know but they were immortal so no aging at all)

That would've been obvious if you payed attention. When they "helped" Bts when they were kids, they were the same age physical as now (when Bts are adults)

They turned to Ashes because they were already very old.. too old to live for a vampire. (So basically they are dead, but in a good way)

"Jin knows Assiah?"

Assiah is Y/N's mother (i let Y/N call her mom but i thought it would be better to let her just have a name)

And cmon Jin was the only one who knew about their pasts (Assiah trusted him for it) so yeah of course he'll remember Assiah.

"Noo! Did she take away her power?!"

Nope nope nope

I knew it would've needed some explanation cuz looking back at it i didnt really make clear what she did XD.

She let her forget, all of what happened (including: Assiah herself, Bts, Got7 and Gehan)
so she didnt take her power away but made her forget.

"Is there going to be more in the story? And if so can i work with you?"

Pfoe! Thats actually a though one.
I am still not sure if i'll make a second book (but of course you all want it XD).

And working together.. i have always been horrible at working together so i think it's not a good idea (i do like the idea but me and working together just doesnt mix well "yet")

"Did any of the guys fall for Y/N?"

I'll leave it to your imagination :)

If i were to say it i would say yes because if they didn't like her why would they keep her alive (outside of Jin knowing she would be there)

Sorry i have a strange way of letting people know that they are in love XD.

"So in the end does Y/N know what happened? Is that what the end means?!"

Finally! I was waiting for someone to ask this 😹.

So i know the end may not have been very clear but like when Y/N's mother made her forget, or as i say "intended" to make her forget she didn't notice that Y/N's powers were already too strong so the spell didnt work.

And Y/N learned from waking up in to her unfamiliar place that her mother wanted to make her forget.

She just played along with it so that they didn't have to worry or anything like that.

So to conclude your question "yes" she does remember everything and knows what happened.

"Hey so does the others know what jin knows are they all sis and bro's?"

Okay so in chapter 75 Assiah lets Jin stay longer while the others are alreadu gone. He asked her to let them remember again and Assiah said that she will do what she can. And yes that means they remember it all.

And the are they all sis and bro's part i dont really get what you mean T-T sorry

"What is Gehan?"

Gehan is Y/N's biological father. He is an insanely high ranked devil and likes to think of himself as ruler of hell. His powers are immensely strong and was the person who made got7 be in his control (aka green eyes).

I'll update this one if there come more questions!

No question is too crazy!

Have a blessed day💜

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