Chapter: 54

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You were still laying on the "something".

And it was still stroking you.

???: yah wake up.

You opened your eyes and there was almost a foot in your face.

But it just stopped right in front of you.

He then suddenly stumbled back a little like he was being pushed.

The thing you were laying on Before was gone.

???: aish what was that?

You got up from the ground

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You got up from the ground.

Y/N: what do you want..?

JB: I'm only here to check on you.

He then suddenly got punched in the face.

JB: yah what that all about?!

He again stepped forward to you put got punched back.

JB grabbed something in front of him.

JB: got you.

He smirked.

He threw the invisible thing away.

You could see a wall on your left break.

For a split second you saw J-Hope laying on the ground next to the broken wall.

JB: tch foolish guy..

JB walked closer to you again.

Y/N: stay back!

He just froze right in front of you.

He stared at you with deadly look.

He reached out for you and you shut your eyes in fear.

Nothing happened...

You opened your eyes again.

He was gone..

You quickly got as close as you could to where you saw J-Hope laying a few seconds ago.

You couldn't reach completely because of the chain.

Y/N: J-Hope..?

You didn't hear anything but you did saw some.. blood..

Y/N: your hurt!
You tried to feel if he was there.

You didnt feel him.

???: dont worry i already took him..

You turned around.

Agan JB.

Y/N: what did you do to him?!

JB: relax~ i just putted him where he is supposed to be.

Bts pov>

We were sitting around the dinner table.

The fake Y/N was also with us.

Suga: *whispers* shouldn't you already heard something from J-Hope?

Jin: *whispers* yeah.. he doesn't seem to react at all.

Suga: *whispers* maybe something happened? Should we check?

Jin: *whispers* it's too risky.

The fake Y/N stood up.

(F) Y/N: i'm done eating.

She walked away.

Jimin: who's turn is it now?

Rm: i think it was mine.

Rm got up and walked after (f) Y/N.

We all had decided someone should keep an eye on the fake.

And today was Rm's day.

Suga: wait Jimin why dont you go?

Jimin: go where and why?

Suga: look for J-Hope.


Jimin: and why me?!

Suga: cuz your a sneaky snake...

Jimin: yah!

He grabbed one of the forks that were still on the table.

Jimin: you'll regret that!

He just walked over the table to him.

Suga all of a sudden disappeared.

Suga: i regret nothing.

He was near the open doorway.

He slowly walked away.

Jimin: yah min yoongi!!

Jimin ran after him.

Jin: *sighs* okay any of you two wanna go?

V: i could.. but i am too big(in animal form)

Jungkook: i dont wanna go without tae.

He hugged V's arm.

Jin: fine fine.. but look out..

"They dont play around"

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