Chapter: 68

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Jin(kid): ..m..move.

Jin's hand moved forward at a high speed.

But then he suddenly stopped right in front of Jungkook's face.

Jin collapsed on top of Jimin.

Jungkook(kid): hyung? Whats going on?

You saw someone standing behind Jungkook.

His face was covered with a hoodie.

He kneeled down to Jungkook's level and put his arm around him.

???: time for a little sleep kid.

He pinched somewhere on Jungkook's shoulder and for some reason that also made him collapse.

After a few seconds six other people appeared out of nowhere.

Their faces were also covered.

???: damn thats a lot of blood.

???: can we take some?

Their voices.. they sounded familiar..

???: we are not here to drink..

They all walked to one of the kids.

One of them picked up Jin and laid him down next to Jimin.

Jimin was still alive.. and awake.

He was still shacking and he tried to speak but nothing came out of his mouth.

???: hey this one is still alive!

???: really?!

Jimin finally found the strength to talk.

Jimin: w...who are you

???: now is not the time for that.. what happened here?

Jimin: i..i thought you.. did.. this.

???: us? No we just smelled blood.

Jimin: a..are you.. v..amp..i..

???: yes, but don't be afraid. You and your friends are already hurt enough.

???: oi! Jackson! What am I supposed to do about this kid his back?

Y/N: *thinks* wait.. Jackson?!

Jackson: let me see.

He got up from next to Jimin and walked to where J-Hope was.

Y/N: *thinks* okay wait.. so there are seven of them.. so that means this is when they met? Or is something else gonna happen?

Jimin slowly sat up.

He was still shacking.

He looked around him.

Y/N: *thinks* what must he be thinking.. he has seen them all get hurt.. right in front of him.

Jimin picked up Jungkook slowly and looked at him.

Y/N: *thinks* wait if i look at this way how Jin explained it.. they are all gonna live in that castle with other vampires..

Y/N: *thinks* but how come them (got7) be adults already and the rest are all kids... now they are all adults like they all look the same age.. i guess vampire logic.

Y/N: *thinks* but still.. it doesn't make sense that Jin attacked them.. i know he told me young vampires are crazy.. but i never expected them to be this crazy.

Jimin was holding Jungkook close and stroke his hair out of his face.

You just looked at his legs.

Y/N: *thinks* he has gone through so much..

Then all of a sudden his legs.. started to turn a more normal skin color.

And some of the holes started to fill up.

Jimin also noticed it.

Jimin: yah mister! What is happening?

One of the caped ones came and looked at what was happening.

???: he is regenerating..? How is that possible?

One more of the caped came.

He removed the hoodie that was covering his face.

It was Bambam.

Bambam: move aside.

Bambam looked closer at him and opened Jungkook's mouth.

You took a glance at what he was looking at.

He had teeth.. well of course but.. he had fangs..

Bambam: did a vampire enter here? Outside of us?

Jimin(kid): only.. someone from black house..

Bambam turned to Jimin and grabbed him by his shoulders.

Bambam: dont ever do that again! You cant trust any of them!

Jimin(kid): but he helped him didnt he? His legs are all healed up.

All of a sudden Jimin sort of fainted.

Jimin(kid): tired....

Bambam carefully laid him down on the ground.

You saw that something was stuck in his ankle.

You looked closer.. it was a syringe.

Y/N: *thinks* did they have those things in this time?!

Bambam seemed to also notice it.

He grabbed the syringe carefully out of his ankle.

Bambam: yo Yugyeom, check this out, there was a syringe in his ankle.

Yugyeom: this guy also had it... coincidence?

Bambam: check his teeth.. i think it might be something that causes DNA change!

Jackson: lets just take them home and do the rest there.. its such a mess here.

Bambam: yeah.. i guess that best.

They all each picked one of them up.

Young-Jae: its a shame.. so young..
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