Chapter: 71

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???: but you can call me Dad.


Y/N: *thinks* i cant think clearly but.. if that is true.. and that women is my mother..

Gehan: suprised?

He grabbed you again by your jaw.

Gehan: although i still want to squeeze this little head of your until it pops.

Y/N: *thinks* oh yeah that is right! In the mirror.. he tried to kill me..

You tried to speak but it came out very silent.

Y/N: why.. did you.. wanna kill.. me

He let go of your jaw dropping you to the ground.

Gehan: oh thats quite easy.

Gehan: i wanted a boy but you ended up being a girl. What a shame.

Y/N: yah! What is wrong with being a girl?!

Gehan: all you girls care about is looks and we guys are "strong!"

Y/N: *thinks* is that the only reason.

Y/N: why would you kill your own child just because its a girl?! We girls don't only care about looks!

Gehan: i can destroy what i want whenever i want.

He turned his back to you and raised his arms.

Gehan: that includes the world!

Gehan: once your powers awaken i can take them for myself and rule over both my world and earth!

Y/N: I don't have any powers so that will never happen!

Gehan: oh little girl.

He turned to you again and kneeled down to your level.

Gehan: why do you think your mother is so different from me?

Gehan: its because I created you for only this purpose!

Gehan: i needed light and darkness to merge and its so easy to mislead light creatures.. like let me tell you.

Y/N: wait.. where is she now?!

Y/N: *thinks* i remember her talking with me in my head.. she told me she needed to do something..

Gehan pointed with his finger at your chest.

Gehan: inside you.

He stood up again.

Gehan: she took control over you thinking she could save you.

He chuckled

Gehan: that foolish women....

He went silent and looked to his left.

You looked in the direction he was looking.

It was an opening to the sky in the wall.

It was an opening to the sky in the wall

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Gehan: its time.

He looked at you.

Gehan: hmm no sign of anything?

Gehan: are you feeling anything?

Y/N: like what?

Gehan: aish that women is still inside you thats the problem.

He put his hand on your shoulder and it felt like he pulled something out of you.

He lifted his hand and a blue sort of bubble like something followed his hand.

Gehan: there feel any different now?

Y/N: what did you do to her?!

Gehan: Relax she is fine.. for now.

Gehan: but back to the question.. are you feeling something.

Y/N: *thinks* yeah i need to pee is that what you wanna hear?

All of a sudden you felt something inside your veins..

It felt like something was streaming through them.. but not blood.

You looked down at your hands.

You could see your veins.. and a little of the color of what was going through them.

It was black.. but some smaller veins were glowing golden..

Y/N: w..what is this?!

You scratched your arms, scared of what it was.

Gehan: don't deny your true nature y/n

You looked up at him.

He had his arms spread.

Gehan: let it flow through your body and mind.

Gehan: and only respond to my calls.
Sorry that it took a while again i was thinking hard with just the whole story in general so yee.

So the people who follow me on yt notice that i dont upload a second ep but thats because i want to first finish it here before also on yt because its probably gonna be too much for me.

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