Chapter: 50

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So I want to give a quick shout out to three people!!

I flipping love you three 😹💜

Y/N: *thinks* it's the best if I save them.. what would it matter knowing who or what my parents are.

JB: so..?

You pointed at the bubble.

Y/N: let them out.

He looked at little shook.

JB: alright.

He snapped his fingers and the ball fell to the ground shattering into thousand pieces.

He then disappeared.

You rushed to Suga.

You hold his head in your hands.

Y/N: Suga.? Open your eyes..

He didn't move.

You felt his pulse.

It was still there but very weak.

You quickly checked Jimin and V too.

They were both still alive luckily.

But also pulse very weak.

You tried to carry them away from all the sharp pieces of glass so that they couldn't get hurt.

And ofc you already had a few cuts.

You safely got them all aside and you gathered most of the glass pieces and put them aside where no one could get hurt of them.

They all looked very weak and they still didn't wake up.

You sighed.

Y/N: this is all my fault..

Y/N: *thinks* okay I might be going crazy...

You grabbed one of the glass shards from the ground.

You hold it close to the skin on your wrist.

Y/N: *sighs* I'm really doing this again?

You cut a small wound in your wrist.

It started to bleed.

You quickly walked to Suga and hold your wrist close to his mouth.

Y/N: I hope this works.

You felt his pulse again with your free hand.

It was still weak but at least a little better then before.

You quickly also got to V who was probably the longest here.

His pulse was very very weak.

You quickly also put your wrist with blood near his mouth.

The blood dripped from your wrist into his mouth.

You felt his pulse.

Again a slight change.

You did the same with Jimin and luckily they were all three still alive.

You just got up from the ground when.

???: Y/N...

The voice sounded familiar.

It sounded so soft and sweet.

Y/N: who is there?

You looked around.

Your eye felt on the mirror.

Your eye felt on the mirror

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