Chapter: 37

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You were walking for a while.

You sat down on a rock.

Y/N: can we take a little break?~

Rm: we are almost there Y/N, just a little further.

Y/N: you said the same a few minutes ago.

Rm: this time for real.

Y/N: *sighs* fine..

You got up again.

You all started to walk again. (Rm ofc flying)

And FINALLY you were in front of the cave.

Y/N: well geez finally.

Rm: from now on we need to be careful. Stay together.

Rm walked on his small claws on the ground.

Jimin: do you know the way in here?

Y/N: sort of.

V: I wonder where they putted Jin.. were there any cells or stuff?

Y/N: not that I saw.. maybe there was one in the place where the mirror was.. I don't really know.

J-Hope: we'll see.

You were all inside the cave now.

You pointed at the house.

Y/N: in that house there is a small way to the place where I saw Jin last time.

Rm: do you think they are home?

V: let's check.

Rm: V no!

V growled.

Rm slapped him with his wing.

Rm: are you crazy?!

You heard the bird sound again. That giant bird.

Y/N: hide quick! That giant bird is here!

Jimin: there aren't any hiding spots.. just rocks.

J-Hope: I see water...

Rm: no no and no.

Y/N: it's only change we have now.

Rm: fine..

You all jumped into the water.

J-Hope got out of the bag.

Suga: why didn't any of you warn me we were going into the water?!!

Everybody: shhh.

???: I heard something growl..

???: yeah. Maybe it was that snake again.

???: that thing doesn't make sound like that tho.

???: oi Jackson mark come here!

???: fine..

You heard them walk away.

You all sighed in relief.

J-Hope: Oeh what's that giant thing there?

You looked underwater.

It was again that giant water snake.

It was again that giant water snake

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