Chapter: 36

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It was the next morning and everybody woke up earlier then normal.

Exept for Suga.

J-Hope: is he still sleeping?

Jimin: doesn't he want to go get Jin?

Rm walked upstairs.

You could hear him talk.

Rm walked back down.

Rm: he is coming in a few minutes.

Jimin sat down on the couch.

Jungkook: should we bring food or something along?

V: yeah good idea.

V and Jungkook walked to the kitchen.

Rm: don't do only sweets! We also need water and bread.

(Author: AND SUSHI!!)

V: yeah yeah.

Suga finally came downstairs.

Suga: *yawns* lets go.

V and Jungkook walked back out of the kitchen with a bag.

Probably filled with food and drinks.

You all stood in front of the mirror.

J-Hope: so just go through and swim?

Y/N: yeah..

Jimin: well then show us.

Jimin pushed you forward into the mirror.

Everybody: YAH! Jimin!

You were inside the mirror.

Y/N: *pouts* they better hurry I ain't gonna stay here alone.

After like a few minutes one by one they came too.

J-Hope: whoa! It's all sparkles!

Rm: so how do we find the other side?

Y/N: I don't know. When I was here before a person was dragging me and just threw me outside of what this thing even is.

Suga: ow great so we have to swim?

Y/N: it's the only think we can do for now.

Suga: yeee....

You all started to go forward to wherever that may be going.

You were walking/ swimming (or however ya wanna call it) for like 16 minutes.

Suga: that's it I wanna sleep.

Jimin: really? Now?

V: cmon Suga we are almost there.

Suga: how do you know?

Rm: just come on Suga.

Jungkook and Jimin were in the front and Suga and rm in the back.

Then all of a sudden Jimin disappeared.

Jungkook: Jimin-shi!

You got as fast as you could to where Jimin was to only fall down.

It was again that fall down you had before.

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