Chapter: 39

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"What in the world is that thing?!"

The skeleton thing was standing weakly on its legs.

???: y...ou ...

His skin was still slowly coming back.

Rm: wait..

Jimin: Jin?!

The skin was almost completely back on.

It was indeed Jin..

V: what did they do to you?!

Jin: I... don't.. remember... the last thing I remember was them bringing me to the water.

Rm: take it easy there..

Rm helped Jin sit down.

Suga: wait... did they also do that to me?! Am I going to look like that?!

Y/N: what did they do to you?

Suga: I dunno I just fell asleep after that hypnosis.


J-Hope: anyway now that we have Jin we need to get out of here.

V: yeah good idea but do you know the exit?

J-Hope: I did saw something upstairs that could be used.

J-Hope grabbed something out of the bag.

Jungkook: how in the world are we supposed to fit through?!

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Jungkook: how in the world are we supposed to fit through?!

V: says one of the smallest as animal..

Jungkook: ow.. yeah right hehe.

Jimin: and how is Y/N supposed to get through?

J-Hope: how am I supposed to know I just grabbed the damn mirror.

Jin: Y/N...

Rm: calm down Jin.. what is it?

Jin: when.. you were attacked.. by that water snake..

Y/N: yeah?

Jin: it's poison... I couldn't... get it out..

Y/N: but I don't feel anything of it. So what's the big deal?

Jin: that poison.. is what turned me to this... I am recovering cuz i'm... a vampire... but I don't know.. what effect it will.... have on humans..

J-Hope: wait so your telling me Y/N is going to die?!

Jin: they did have... a cure... I heard.. them talk about it..

Jimin: let's grab that cure and get out of here!

Rm: I'll go get it. I'm the only one that can get back up there.

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