Chapter: 53

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Your head felt so heavy..

You slowly opened your eyes.

You were laying on the cold floor.

The chain still there.

You sat up with your back against the wall.

You clenched your shirt.

Y/N: *stomach growls* hungry...

Then all of a sudden someone appeared in front of you.

You remembered the face.. Jackson.

Jackson: did someone say hungry?

He was smiling.

You saw that he had a tray with a little food in his hands.

He kneeled down to your level and putted the tray in front of you.

You didn't move a muscle.

You were just staring at the food.

Jackson petted your head softly.

Jackson: I'm sorry you are stuck here like this, but it's for the best.

Y/N: how is this for the best?

Jackson: when things calm down you will get out.

He moved your hair behind your ear.

Jackson: I see Jinyoung already had a drink. *chuckles*

He stared back at you.

Jackson: your not going to eat? I thought you said you were hungry.

You just didn't say anything and stared at the wall.

He grabbed your chin.

Jackson: if your going to ignore me that's fine I'll just take the food back with me.

You just turned your head away from him.

Jackson: tch fine have it your way.

He got up.

And he took the food with him.

He was about to leave.

Y/N: wait...

He turned around.

Jackson: hmm?~

Y/N: can I... at least have a small bite..

Jackson: oh so you do talk.

He walked back to you and kneeled down again to your level.

He grabbed a small bread from the tray and putted in your mouth.

Jackson: there.

He smiled.

Jackson: enjoy your breakfast.

He then walked off and disappeared.

You just sat against the wall slowly eating the bread.

Y/N: *thinks* I wonder.. how are the others..

Y/N: *thinks* i hope they are doing better then me..

Bts pov>


V: now it's mine!


V: *noms cookie* don't yell at me Jimin started.

Jimin: you grabbed that cookie from my plate you as-

Rm: language Jimin!

Suga: wonder if hobi made it already..

Rm: yeah about that.. Jin are you sure it's safe..?

Jin: trust me he will succeed.

Jungkook: where is that fake Y/N?

Suga: I think she went upstairs.

Jimin: oh yeah that guy.. I wanna slap him so hard right now..

Jin: shh you don't know if he can hear us.

V: *still noms cookie* what did you tell him about where J-Hope is.?

Jin: I just told him he was tired and in his room.

Jungkook: oh and Jin how did you manage to do that spell? It was incredible to see.. can you teach me?

Jin: when your older Jungkook.

Jungkook: that's what you said too about using the kitchen.. *pouts*

Jin: yah- the last time you were in the kitchen you almost burned the whole castle down! And you threw Suga in the fire!

Suga: wait what?

Suga glared deadly at Jungkook.

Jungkook: hehe.. shit..

Y/N pov>

My stomach was still so empty..

That small bread really didn't fill me that much..

your stomach didn't feel right..

You punched your own stomach to make it stop.

You crawled yourself up in a small ball.

Y/N: it's so cold... and I'm so hungry..

Your eyes became heavy.

It was hard to stay focused when feeling like this.

You fell to the right side.

But without your head meeting the ground it fell on something..

You didn't bothered to look what it was.

You were shivering from the cold.

You felt something stroke your arm trying to warm you up..

You couldn't fall asleep but you just laid there.

For some reason.. it felt like there was someone watching over you..

It gave you a good feeling... hope..

Aahhh! I'm so tired..! 😹

Well anyway there ya have it new chapter!!

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