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Suga: oi Y/N!!

That's the last thing you heard before everything went black.

You woke up again seeing the ceiling.
You looked to your right and saw Suga sitting next to your bed.

Suga: are you okay? What happened?
Y/N: I'm fine really.
Suga: so what happened?

Y/N:.... nothing.

Suga: did V do something?

Y/N: How did you-

Suga: it was just a guess.

Y/N: right....
Suga: well anyway are you hurt?
Y/N: I told you already I'm fine.

Suga: are you sure?
Y/N: yes.

Suga: okay.

It was an awkward silence for a moment.

Out of nowhere Suga reached out for you.
You got scared by his sudden movement and you closed your eyes in fear.

You felt him pet your head.

Suga: you get pretty scared easily, heh.

He chuckled. It sounded very evil.

You slowly opened your eyes again.

You almost closed them in fear again.

Suga was.. a little too close with his face.

Suga:  oh my I think your getting a fever.

He chuckled again.
You tried to move your face away from him but you couldn't.

He had both his arms on side of your head so you couldn't get away.

Suga: heh ur pretty for a human ya know?

Y/N: t..thanks but can you please move your face away?

Suga: why?
Y/N: because it's really uncomfortable..

He got even closer.


Suga: okay geezz, you don't have to yell like that.

He got away from your face...

He went to your neck.

Y/N: Suga ,please don't!
Suga: ugh what is your deal with yelling?

He covered your mouth with his hand.

Suga: just stay quiet now okay?~

He removed the clothes that were on your shoulder, it revealed your collarbone.
You sniffed you.

You wanted to scream but he still had his hand over your mouth.

You felt tears in your eyes.

You then felt his lips on your collarbone.
Then you felt a sharp pain.

He was drinking your blood.

The tears streamed down your face and you screamed still with his hand over your mouth.

Y/N: *thinks* I thought I could trust him, why is he doing this?

Suddenly your heartbeat started to raise a lot and you started to hyperventilate.

You didn't get any air.
You started to struggle more but Saga didn't stop drinking your blood.

You then finally moved your arm and tried to push his hand of your mouth.

But his hand didn't move a muscle, your eyes became heavy and you fainted because of too little air.

The last thing you saw was Suga smirking..

The last thing you saw was Suga smirking

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Suga: *whisper* your delicious~


Damn I take long to update 😹
Well anyway please give me ideas because this thing doesn't really has a story behind it only that she was abandoned 😹 so please help!!

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