Chapter: 17

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(Don't play song yet!!)

You all were eating lunch.

But Jungkook wasn't on the table.

Rm: where is Jungkook by the way?

Jin: he is in his room, I brought him some food.

Jimin: ow geez I wonder why he is in there *sarcastic*

He looked at you very angrily.

Rm saw that Jimin was looking angry at you, but he didn't want to start a fight when eating.

He just continued eating.

After you were all done with eating you walked around the house again.

You walked around for a few minutes and you ended up somewhere in a part of the castle you've never bin.

It looked kinda new compared to the rest.

The walls were more clean and the windows were also clean.

And there were hanging normal lights.

You just looked around this part of the castle and you found a few things on your way,

You found a swimming pool, a painting room, and some other rooms that had many colorful walls.

This part of the castle was a lot more fun than the other one.

The other one was just old and dirty except for a few rooms.

You walked through the hall and you saw a door and it had something written on it.


(Now you can play song 😹)

Y/N: I wonder what that means.

You opened the door slowly and walked through it.

You saw the library in front of your eyes again.

Y/N: huh? Have I been walking in circles?

You looked back at the door you walked through and it was closed already.

You opened it and it just ended up in the old hallway (like where the normal giant door of the library is).

Y/N: mm strange.

You walked in the library to just read again.

You walked to the place you were a few days ago.

You found it but the book you had before wasn't there.

Y/N: mm rm must've putted it back.

You walked around to search for a new book.

You saw a book laying on the table.

It was dark blue with pink and golden details.

It looked so magical.

You grabbed the book off the table in your arms.

You opened the book and suddenly the whole room went black.

You were standing in a black galaxy.

You saw planets and stars all around you.

It was so magical.

the northern lights were all around you with colorful shadows of animals walking through it.

It made you so happy to see the galaxy like that.

You smiled.

You then looked back at the book.

There were drawing of mythical creatures (dragons, elves, wolves etc.)

It was so beautiful made.

You wanted to stay in this galaxy forever but of course you couldn't do that.

You took a last glance at the galaxy and you slowly closed the book.

Y/N: that was pretty....

You smiled to yourself.

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