Chapter: 26

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It was all pitch black around you and you couldn't see Anything.

The only thing you knew for sure was that rm and Jin were close to you.

Jin: don't let go of my hand, okay.

Y/N: I won't.

You hold his hand tight.

Jin: rm can't you see good in the dark.

Rm made an owl sound.

Seems like Jin understood what it meant.

Jin walked foreword and you just followed.

Jin: be careful not to walk into anything.

Y/N: yeah yeah.

Jin walked slowly foreword you didn't know where to.

Then Jin let go of your hand.

Jin: stay there Y/N. I'm just grabbing something.

You stayed frozen in your place with rm still on your shoulder.

You heard Jin doing something in a drawer.

???: Y/N come here...

You looked around.

Y/N: who is there?

Jin: Y/N? Where are you Y/N?'

???: turn around...

You didn't want to but just like in the dream.. your head became heavy and it felt like your soul had left your body.

Without having control of your body once again. You turned around.

Rm made an owl sound. Probably trying to say something to you or Jin.

???: walk foreword.

Your body moved foreword without being able to do anything.

Rm began to tap your shoulder with his claw.

???: get rid of that owl...

Your hand moved up to your shoulder but rm moved away.

He was now on your other shoulder.

Your hand moved to the others shoulder.

He now sat on your head.

He then hopped off your head.

Y/N: *thinks* no don't go rm!! I can't do anything!

The strange voice gave you directions and your body moved to them everytime it was said.

You heard people yell.

Jin: Y/N?!!
Rm: Y/N?!

Jungkook & j-Hope: Y/N?! JIMIN?!

You wanted to stop and walk to them but you couldn't.

Your body then stopped.

You saw a pair of green glowing eyes in front of you.

???: this way...

The person grabbed your hands and dragged you with him/her.

Then all of a sudden someone else grabbed your wrist.

Suga: c'mon lets go Y/N...

Your body was still lifeless so you couldn't move on your own.

???: does it look like she wants to?

Suga: what do you know.

Then suddenly all the lights went on.

And the person in front of you was nothing more then a shadow with green eyes.

The strange shadow person started to scream and ran away.

???: it burns!!!

Your body was still lifeless for some reason.

Suga: Y/N? Are you alright?

He waved his hand in front of you but you still couldn't react to it.

Suga: hello..? Earth to Y/N.

He kept making hand signs in front of you.

J-Hope: did you find her Suga?

You heard footsteps behind you.

Suga: yeah but something weird is going on with her. Did you find Jimin?

J-Hope: No. he must be around here somewhere, I think.

Suga: I'll go look for him. You go look what the matter is with Y/N.

Suga walked away.

J-Hope turned you around so that you faced him.

J-Hope also waved in front of your face.

J-Hope: hello?! Y/N?

He kept waving but your body still didn't move a muscle.

J-Hope snapped his fingers in front of you and tried all sort of things.

He also started making funny faces.

From the inside you were laughing so much, but the outside was still blank.

J-Hope: *sighs* this is going to be harder then I thought.

J-Hope: Sorry Y/N.

Y/N: *thinks* sor-

He slapped you in the face.

You fell on the ground.


J-Hope: yee ur back!!

He hugged you.

Y/N: I was there the whole time. I wasn't dead or something.

J-Hope looked confused at you.

Y/N: *sighs* nvm that now.
Yeee another chapter done!

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