Chapter: 27

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You and J-Hope were walking through the halls to find the others.

J-Hope told that everybody was looking all over the place for you.

Y/N: so what did Jimin had to do with all of this?

J-Hope: green eyes. He turned off all the lights.

Y/N: if I may ask.... who are those people with green eyes?

J-Hope stood still in his foot tracks.

J-Hope: it's better if you don't know..

Y/N: wh-


You both looked back and V was standing there.

He came running to you both.

V: whoa man. When something like this happens this house really becomes a maze. *laughs*

J-Hope: yeah. *laughs*

V: did you find Jimin on the way?

J-Hope: I thought you found him.

V: you and Jungkook said you would go after him!!!

J-Hope: ow sh*t.... so he is still out.

V: maybe he woke up already.

Then all of a sudden there was a laughter going through the halls.

V:.. or.. maybe not.

J-Hope pushed you to V.

V put his arm around you.

J-Hope: get her out of here. NOW!

V didn't say anything he turned around and grabbed you by the wrist and started running.

(Author: dashi run run run~)

V was running a little too fast for you so he was basically dragging you along.

Y/N: yah! Can you at least tell me what is going on?!

V didn't say anything but kept running.

A few minutes passed.

V finally spoke up.

V: I need to get you away from all of us. It's almost time to sleep for us.. and you know what that means right?

Y/N: yeah.

(For the people who already forgot, when they are tired it's easier for the "green eyes" to take over their body's)

V walked up the stairs dragging you along.

V pushed you in your room.

V: stay here and don't leave. For your own safety.

You nod your head.

He closed the door and you also heard him lock it.

You sat down on your desk.

You weren't that tired yet.

You looked around for something to do in your room but nothing much.

You just got lost in your thoughts.

You don't notice that the room became slowly dark around you.

Then all of a sudden your chair fell.

You fell to the ground.

You then finally snapped out of your thoughts.

Y/N: mm it's already that dark..?

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