Chapter: 32

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The last thing you remembered was fading away in the water.

You felt something fall on your face.

It felt like water.

Small drips fell down on your face.

You opened your eyes slowly.

Bad idea cuz a waterdrop fell in your eye.

Y/N: ah my eye!

You opened and closed your eyes so that you could finally see without that water in your eye.

You looked around where you were.

You were in some sort of cave.

The only exit you noticed was a waterfall.

Y/N: *thinks* how did I get here?

You tried to stand up.

Bad idea.

You almost fell to the ground but someone catch you.

???: whoa take it easy there. You haven't fully recovered yet.

You looked at the person.

Your sight was still blurry but you recognized the face.

Your sight was still blurry but you recognized the face

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Y/N: J..Jin?

Jin: yes it's me. Now please lay back down.

Jin carefully placed you back down on the ground.

Y/N: how did you get here? They sai-

Jin: that once the door is closed no one can get in without human blood. I know. You remember that I was inside the room with you?

Y/N: mm *you nod slightly*

Jin: now the only thing is to find a way out.

Jin: wait here.

Y/N: *thinks* haha very funny.. I can't even get up.

Jin transformed into his dog form and walked through the waterfall.

Y/N: *sighs*

You had energy enough to move but your body reacted very slow.

You looked at your leg.

There was a bandage around it.

Your stomach began to growl.

Y/N: hungry...

You slowly looked around if there was any food.

No luck..

Your stomach started to growl even more.

???: hungry?

You tried to look as fast as you could to see where the voice came from.

There was no one.

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