Chapter: 5

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You all sat around the table and started eating.

You didn't move your arms a single muscle.

Jin: are you not hungry..?
Y/N: that's not it..

Jimin: Do I need to feed you?

Rm: JIMIN!!!

Jimin: what..?! I was only joking.

You slowly moved your arm and started to eat.

You only looked at your plate and didn't want to look up.

V: alright I'm done eating!
Jungkook: V and I will go now.

V and Jungkook got up and walked away.

The rest also got up and you did the same.

Jin and J-Hope cleaned the dishes and you helped them.

After you were done you talked a little with J-Hope and Jin about how it was at home.

J-Hope: so your parents abandoned you for no reason?
Y/N: yeah..
Jin: they are so rude.
Y/N: well they abused me since i was a child.

Jin: aw you poor thing.
J-Hope: I wonder why.. maybe they hate kids or they just didn't like you.
Y/N: that could be the case but still..
J-Hope: okay yeah maybe I sounded a little too harsh, sorry.

Y/N: it's okay.

Jin: but you'll find it much better here living with us.
Y/N: wait since when did I say I wanted to stay here?!
Jin: because we said so.
Y/N: yeah.. right..
J-Hope: and you don't have anywhere else to stay, am i right?
Y/N: yes....

*from upstairs*V: oi!! Y/N!! Come here!!

You looked at Jin and J-Hope.
Jin: go.. or he'll get angry.

Y/N: okay, ehm where is he?

J-Hope: upstairs, i'l walk with you.

He stood up and grabbed your wrist and sort of dragged you all the way to the stairs.

J-Hope: his room is upstairs the first door on your right side.

Y/N: okay thanks.

J-Hope: not a problem.

He walked away and you walked upstairs.

Y/N: *thinks* what could V need me for?

You were all the way upstairs now.

Y/N: *thinks* first door from the right.

You looked around and you stood in front a door.

You knocked on the door.

V: come in.

You opened the door slowly and walked inside.

V: close the door behind you please.

You did as he said.

The room was all dark and you couldn't see anything.

Y/N: ehm... what is it you needed me for..?

You looked around the room (even tho you didn't see anything) you saw two glowing red dots coming your way.

Suddenly you felt someone grab both your wrists and he or she pushed you against a wall.

???: I'm thirsty.
Y/N: v..v.?
V: yep, now that you figured it out i'l get a drink.

Y/N: w..what?!

You tried to break free from his grip.

V: don't bother, your just a human and humans are weak compared to us vampires.
You then kicked him between his legs.

Y/N: I maybe be weak but I know some weak spots for everybody, even if they are vampire or not.

You felt that he let go of your wrist and you quickly tried to look for the door.

You heard him groaning in pain.

You found the door and you opened it and ran out of the room.

You ran through the long hallway until you almost dropped to the ground.

You bumped into somebody and he hold you by your shoulders.

Suga: are you okay Y/N?

You were too tired to answer.
Your eyes felt heavy and they slowly closed and you could feel your body falling to the ground.

Suga: oi Y/N!!

That was the last thing you heard before everything went all black.
DAMN it took me long o update again.
I'm sorry very sorry that it took so long but o was focusing more on my other ff's, i'l try to update more on this one soon but I can't promise anything.

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