Chapter: 9

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Y/N:*Thinks* hmm who could this be?

You petted the fox a little and continued reading.

You turned the next page around.

Y/N: auw..!

You looked at your finger.
You got a paper cut and it was bleeding.

You wanted to put your finger in your mouth to stop the bleeding but a hand stopped you.

Jimin: did little girl get hurt?~

Y/N: I'm not a little girl!

Jimin: hmm your blood smells nice tho.

He brought your hand closer to his mouth, he licked the blood that was on your finger.

You pulled your hand back and he let go.

Jimin: can I ask you a question?

Y/N: yeah what is it?

Jimin: I sometimes wondered, do you hate me and V?

Y/N: of course not.

Jimin: then why don't you ever talk to us?

Y/N: it's because... I.. well.. I don't feel very comfortable when I'm with you or V..

Jimin: why not..?

Y/N: I don't know..
Jimin: do you want me to make you happy.

Y/N: ehm.. okay.

Jimin: okay great, so what do you like to do?

Y/N: I don't really know... 

Jimin: didn't your parents let you be free or what?

Y/N: yeah, I normally wasn't even aloud to go outside but I had to because otherwise I wouldn't be on time for work and things.

Jimin: ow gawd.. well being here with us means you can get to learn the fun things in life, right?

Y/N: I guess so..

Jimin: ow I know, we can go and dance.

Y/N: sounds fun.

You smiled.

You both got up and you followed jimin.

It took a while before you both got out of the library because Jimin can't fly like Rm.

You walked through the hallways of the house and after a few minutes of walking you ended up in front of a black silver door.

Jimin pushed the door open and it was all dark.

You both walked in and Jimin switched the lights on.

Y/N: wow! It's so big.

Jimin: you think so..?

Y/N: well if you compare it to my house it's like 10 times bigger.

Jimin: wow your house is small!

Y/N: yeah I know..

Jimin: ow sorry I didn't mean it that way.

Jimin: anyway this is for your finger.

He handed you a bandage.

You putted the bandage careful on your finger.

Y/N:so... what is dancing all about?

Jimin: i'l just show you.

(Author: SORRY!!! I didn't find a good video of Jimin dancing but just imagine him dancing lie😹😹)

>timeskip after he is done dancing.

Y/N: that was amazing!!

Jimin: thanks.

Y/N: can you teach me?

Jimin: yeah sure.

Jimin taught you most basic dance steps and then he started teaching you the dance.

After a while of practice you both took a little break.

Jimin: are you enjoying it?

Y/N: yes..

Jimin: so we finally found something you like to do.

He smiled.

Y/N: yeah.

You also smiled.

You both sat down with your backs against the wall.

Jimin: here.

He handed you a bottle water.

Y/N: thanks.

You grabbed the bottle and opened and you drank some of the water.

Y/N: what time is it..?

Jimin: it's almost time for dinner.

Jimin: let's go back downstairs.

He stood up and grabbed your hand to help you get up.

When you finally stood on your legs Jimin immediately pushed you against the wall.

Y/N: j..Jimin?

Hehe little cliffhanger 😹
Anyway for the first time I don't have anything to say only that I'm sorry if this was a late update 😹

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