Chapter: 70

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Y/N: what am i doing here?

You looked around.

This was no familiar place.

Y/N: am i back..? In the normal world.

You looked at yourself.

You had normal colors, and not blue and see-through anymore.

But you also had lots of.. scars..?

Y/N: *thinks* how did that get there?

You heard something rattle outside of the jail thing you were in.

???: Y/N? Are you awake?!

You got up slowly and walked to the prison door.

You could stick you head through he bars.

You saw in another cell on the other side on your right.

And you saw Rm in the cell.

He was holding the bars with his hands.

Rm: your back!

Y/N: Yeah yeah.. What happened?!

Rm: its too much to explain, all i can say is that we are in a lot of trouble.

Y/N: where are the others?

Rm: they are here with me and just fine.

Y/N: and why are we in here?

Rm: the King put us here.

Y/N: king?

Rm: ye-

All of a sudden a stick was smashed against your cell making a loud rattle sound.

You jumped back a little.

???: Shut up!

Jinyoung: the return of him is already making me go nuts so you all shut up!

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Jinyoung: the return of him is already making me go nuts so you all shut up!

He looked at you in the eyes.

Jinyoung: seems like your finally back.

He grabbed keys from somewhere and unlocked the door of your cell.

He opened the door and walked inside.

Jinyoung: i lost too much energy already so i'll enjoy a drink now.

Before you could even do something he wrapped his arms around you so you couldn't move.

You felt his breath in your neck.

You heard Rm yell from the other cell.


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